Lady Times

::::::::Earmuffs, men::::::::::

You’ve been warned.

Why does my PMiSery take me by surprise, EVERY DAMN MONTH?

I can’t resist Burger King breakfast (ham and cheese biscuit sandwich, no egg THANKS).

I cry at everything, including (but certainly not limited to):

* Bike rides .

* Downton Abbey.

* Looking at my scheduled workouts for the next day.

* Feeling trinormous and believing that I will never figure out a nutrition plan that allows me to train and not gain a pound a day and I will never fit in my wedding dress and life will be unhappy forever WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Thankfully, I live with a genius.  When I initiated a conversation about setting our wedding date, he calmly responded:

“We don’t have to decide anything in the next ten minutes.  Why don’t we discuss this later?”

He also came home with a KitKat and watched four episodes of Archer with me.  He is not in the danger zone.




In a few days, when I deflate and the world feels less heinous and weepmaking, I will feel silly about writing this post.  And about 3.5 weeks later I will again be a homicidal marshmallow with no idea why.

I’m an idiot.


4 thoughts on “Lady Times

  1. sarahmburton says:

    Crying is better than not crying and holding it in. Plus, hello…but why do I feel so sad about poor Edith getting left at the altar?! She sucks!

    • Shauna says:

      Yeah, that was horrifying. I had a strong sense it was coming but Tim and I were still both covering our mouths in horror and screaming at the TV.

      Sorry if we’re spoiling this for the 100 people who read this blog but come on, it’s EDITH.

      • sarahmburton says:

        I should have known something was amiss when she said “Something exciting is happening at Downton and it’s all about me!”

        Oh yeah, sorry spoiler-ed peeps.

  2. I haven’t yet, but have wanted to, watch Downton Abbey. So NOW YOU ALL HAVE COMPLETELY RUINED IT!!! jk, it’s one detail that you’ve “ruined”. 🙂
    Shauna, I don’t know if you’re using a period tracker, but I found using one was really helpful for me, especially when my menses cycle is so. damn. long. (srsly, like…upwards of 40 days between the start of one and the next.) The one I downloaded to my phone is free, and when I’m feeling extra emotional (or horny!) I can glance at it to see approximately where I am in my cycle and if my hormones may be affecting my feelings. Also, hooray for realizing my period will be starting soon BEFORE I spot up my underwear!
    Also, Archer is hilarious. Why do you keep bringing up reasons for me to love you more?! 😛

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