Decision Fatigue

I hate making decisions.  Hate it.

I hate deciding if I’m going to have a “healthy day”,  make the “right choice”, tempo or easy, today or tomorrow….

Today was a challenging day.  I went on my first real bike ride.  I teared up before, during, and many times after.  Overall it was a success but I need a good night’s sleep before I’m ready to write about the myriad feelings I experienced.  In the meantime, here’s a pretty picture:

At least the day looked like this...

At least the day looked like this…

So, back to the decision thing.  I’ve decided not to make any this week.  I’m making them right now instead.

Regarding food:

* I will not eat gluten or dairy.

* I will eat brown rice, brown rice pasta, and quinoa so I don’t bonk out and die.

* I will drink Diet Coke.

* I will have dinner with my lovely friend, David on Tuesday night and probably eat gluten and/or dairy.

* I will not eat any of the f*cking cinnamon almonds.

Regarding training:

Monday: TDM, 5 mile LSD (postponed from today)

Tuesday: 1600m swim, 3 miles – intervals

Wednesday: 1600m swim, 4 miles easy

Thursday: TDM

Friday: 1600m swim, 3 miles easy

Saturday: cycle

Sunday: 6 miles – 3 miles tempo, cycle

Hopefully, committing to these workouts in advance and eliminating choices will make this intense week a bit easier to execute.

Any of y’all LOOOOOOOVE making choices?  Please share your wisdom.  Like, now, please.





3 thoughts on “Decision Fatigue

  1. Having a plan or routine to stick to helps make the decision process much easier because there isn’t any. Hopefully Thursday TDM means rest? since that’s a pretty ambitious schedule with no rest day. Regardless, just take it one day at a time and listen to your body! Good luck!

    • Shauna says:

      That’s the hope. Thursday is Dailey Method (barre class) which I will go easy in. Mostly there for the stretching, core, and arm work. I’ll resist the desire to push myself in the leg/thigh work.

  2. Waaaaiiiiit a second……
    You’re an actual human? With, like, weaknesses and stuff? I don’t believe it. 😛
    May this week fly by so you can move on to decisions you like making. (I also am notsogood with the choosing of things.)

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