Sexy and Swimmy!

First of all, I feel *sexy* today!

Yes.  Those are teal, snakeskin-print  skinny jeans.  Yes.

Yes. Those are teal, snakeskin-print skinny jeans. Yes.

Some days you just feel hottie!  Feels good to say it and not feel like there’s anything wrong with that.  😀

Moving on…

Yesterday, I swam 1500 meters!  Or yards.  (I’ve gotten conflicting information about the length of my gym pool.)  Either way, I swam for exactly 45:00 and DID NOT DIE!  I’m on week 4 of Ruth Kazez’s 0-1650 plan and, honestly, yesterday’s workout was pretty intimidating on paper:

600  (rest for 10 breaths after)

300  (rest for 8 breaths)

4 x 100 (rest for 6 breaths in between)

4 x 50 (rest for 4 breaths)

I swam about 75-80% of the workout freestyle, consistent with my swimming over the last 6 weeks.  During the 600, I allowed myself to switch to breaststroke whenever I felt the need.  I hoped to swim the 100’s and 50’s all free but didn’t quite get there.   I’m fairly certain that the key to these workouts is the minimal rest time.  She recognizes that you might still be out of breath when you begin to swim again and that will force your lungs to adapt.  I can’t believe the difference between now and the lung-busting 400 meter workout I did the first time I got in the pool.  If my wallet allows, I think I’m going to celebrate reaching 1650 by taking a couple swim lessons to improve my technique!

I hope Spongebob is my swimming teacher.

I hope Spongebob is my swimming teacher.


With a motherf*cking TRIATHLON officially on my race calendar, I’m feeling great about the swim.  My self-imposed standard for competing in a tri is that I would be able to swim the full distance freestyle.  With 6 months, there’s no doubt I’ll be able to do that and (hopefully) won’t be last out of the water.  PHEW!

Hey swimmers!  Bring on the tips!


2 thoughts on “Sexy and Swimmy!

  1. Just like with running, its important to keep good swimming form to be most efficient. I can tell when I start getting tired because my strokes will be a bit less fluid, so its something I always keep in mind when I swim 🙂

    P.S. Love those pants!

  2. […] more positive news, I rocked the sh*t out of my workout yesterday!  It was my second crack at that crazy 1500 swim workout and I was scared.  My energy was low when I arrived at the gym and I gave myself full permission […]

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