Powered By Barley

Um, this happened:




For my first run of 2013, I headed to Alameda to do 5 miles.  I had a great, speedy tempo run on Monday.  It certainly boosted my confidence but after sucking wind for the last few weeks, I wasn’t sure I was out of the woods.  My goal for the 5 mile run was to run comfortably and get through it.    I set off at a very comfortable pace.  I barely felt like I was running!  I looked down after about a mile to check my pace and it was just over 9 minutes.  I slowed down a bit in an attempt to conserve energy but with plenty to spare, I just decided to go for it.

Full disclosure:  my tummy rebelled and eventually demanded a pit stop right around mile 3.  What are you going to do?

Relieved and cooled down, I headed back.  Though I would have loved to run straight through, it was worth the stop because I wasn’t distracted by anything.  I wouldn’t have any reason to stop other than it being too hard.  And that last mile was, let me just say, HARD.  I wanted to stop about 10 times.


So, after weeks of shitty runs, why was this one so awesome?  It was powered by like 6 cups of my darling man’s barley salad.  I wish I could eat this all the time because I love the toothsomeness of barley.  So toothy.  Unfortunately, it’s a stupid glutenous grain and can’t be part of my regular diet.  I bought some quinoa to experiment with.  Meh.

……..I’ve been picking away at this post for days.  It’s time for it to die.  I ate some barley and ran fast.  Moving on……..

What’s your SUPERFOOD?


2 thoughts on “Powered By Barley

  1. Sarah says:

    mmmm, toothsome! what else was in the barley salad? i’d like to try something like this but never cook with barley.

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