Some things are simply incompatible:

Cats and swimming pools.

Bras and dryers.

Shaunas and mushrooms.

Least compatible of all: under-eating and running.

So, I’m in “Feel Really Amazing and Skinny on Wedding Dress Shopping Day” mode.

That’s a thing.

I’ve been carrying a few extra pounds over the last couple months.  Nothing to be concerned about but on the higher end of my comfy zone for a little too long.  I wanted to drop the layer of fluff but I didn’t want to give up pizza nights with my honey and bacon on my turkey burger.  Earlier this week, I had a random bout of food poisoning  which dropped me down to the exact weight I was hoping to reach before my bridal appointments.  It was gross but SCORE!  As someone motivated by success, seeing the “magic” number on the scale motivated me to avoid gluten, dairy, and added sugar.  I’ve lost another pound and am sitting pretty at the ideal weight.

Two problems:

A.  I peaked too soon!  You’re telling me I have to maintain this until 12/27?!  Through Christmas Eve AND Christmas?!  Uhhh…..

B.  And this is the real problem:  I can’t run.  I had 5 on my training plan this morning.  A mile into the run, I couldn’t believe I had 4 more miles.  I planned to turn around 2.5 miles into a 3 mile loop and come back around.  It was obvious that I wouldn’t complete the run when I stopped just to breathe at mile two.  The combination of the very cold weather and serious lack of fuelage was totally incompatible with running.


This is not a surprise.  I’ve struggled with fueling whenever I’ve ramped up my workouts.  For me, weight loss and training can’t happen simultaneously.  I simply need too much fuel and too many carbohydrates to get the work done.

I’m not sure what the solution is to this yet.

Today, my solution was to have a big lunch and plan to run the additional two miles after Dailey Method.

Tonight, I research energy dense foods that are gluten and dairy-free.

Tomorrow, I try again.

Here’s a blurry picture of my cat:

Lola and mattress.  2012.

Lola and Mattress. 2012.


2 thoughts on “Incompatible.

  1. Eesh says:

    I know exactly what you mean! Whenever I feel like I haven’t had enough food, I snack on a spoonful of peanut butter about an 30 mins before I jog. Not sure if I’m supposed to but it helps.


  2. Sarah says:

    Have you tried Daily Garnish’s coconut date bites? They look really energy dense and I think they’re gluten free. I haven’t made them yet but I want to!

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