Okay, I may have just bribed myself with a second Diet Coke to write this post.

How have YOU been?  I hope you’re all eating delicious cookies, listening to wonderful music, and having kick-ass workouts that energize you during this busy time!

In the last couple weeks, a lot has happened in some areas and verrrry little in others.  Obviously, the headline in my life is my new friend:




That is MY BIKE!  She is a road bike, specifically a Specialized Dolce Sport Compact.  Obviously, she’s a she.  Look at her.  There are a couple of long posts regarding this purchase that are well overdue.  Several weeks ago, two of my great cycling friends brought their bikes (and patience) to a parking lot so I could try out a road bike.  I wasn’t immediately comfortable but as soon as I got my feet off the ground and onto the pedals, I was sold.  Road bike for me.  After a LOT of research, hemming, hawing, store-visiting, and advice-soliciting, I made my choice and purchase.  More details to come in a future post, I promise.  For now, I’ll leave you with an image of my new favorite perspective.



I had a brutal week of workouts and took last week (almost) completely off running.

The week of 12/13 was tough.  I had a serious case of the “I can’t”s.  On paper, the week of workouts looked great but I had a really rough time.  At the beginning of each run, my brain told me I couldn’t do it.  During the marching in TDM, my heart told me that the class was going to be brutal and I couldn’t do it.

Can’t do it?!  WTF?!

Of course I can run 3 miles or suffer through a TDM class!  Be quiet, weird brain!  I used each of these tough workouts as an opportunity to strengthen my mental resolve but it still sucked.  I had 10 miles looming on the calendar and I truly didn’t think I could get through it.  In fact, I barely did.  About a mile and a half in, I was texting my best beezy for a pump up.  I probably stopped about 10 times when I totally didn’t need to but each time, I continued.  It was my first double digit run since the half marathon on 10/7 so it was really important to me to complete it.

See those grey pins?  I stopped then.  And then.  And that other then.

See those grey pins? I stopped then. And then. And that other then.

My body felt great during this run.  Except….some weird heat in my left glute.  I went to TDM the next day and after, the heat intensified.  It wasn’t pain.  It just felt really…..warm…..  Strange.

All week, the word “burnout” had been floating through my mind.  Between this unique sensation and my lack of enthusiasm for my workouts, I made the executive decision to take the week off running between 12/10-12/16.  It turned out to be totally the right call.  I got the opportunity to experience the confusion and anxiety that comes with taking time off.  My butt has cooled down and my excitement about running has returned.  Again, a full post about this is forthcoming.

I love swimming!

I’m totally in love with swimming!  I’m following the 0-1650  (or zero to a mile) swim program.  I had two great 700 meter workouts last week and this morning it ramped up to 900!  The breaks are minimal and I’m seeing pretty significant progress.  At this point, I’m able to do 75 consecutive meters freestyle and I’ve been doing 60-75% of the workouts freestyle, recovering with breaststroke.  My goal for a sprint tri would be to do the entire swim freestyle without stopping.  Seems very possible by summer!  YAY!

In other news, it’s getting festive up in here.

Alllllmost as pretty as my pretty pretty bike!

Alllllmost as pretty as my pretty pretty bike!

Anyone experience burnout?  LOL.  OF COURSE YOU HAVE.  How do you deal?  


3 thoughts on “Hi!

  1. fians4k says:

    You keep refering to your bike as a “she”. So… what’s her name?? (I’m asuming she has a cute name) =)

  2. Jenn K says:

    Sometimes you jut have to give in and take a break. Probably good timing since it’s definitely cold season.

    So jealous of your bike. It’s time to upgrade mine!!!

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