Our family love of Thomas Keller has been fairly welldocumented on this blog.  (Remember the time I bought $40 of cookies at Bouchon Bakery?)

Ages ago, my wonderful friend Tonia gifted me the Williams-Sonoma DIY version of Ad Hoc’s famous fried chicken.



For years, we’ve made an annual pilgrimage up to Yountville for this chicken (“Chickenversary”) and now, it was time to try my hand at making it!  The kit comes with a brine mix and a dredge.  I’m not a very experienced cook so I was a bit intimidated by the process but the directions were clear as could be.

Yummy, lemony, briney goodness!

The brine gets brought up to a boil and then cooled for a couple hours before the chicken goes in.  Even the brining liquid smelled delicious.  Keller don’t play.

Big ass chicken parts.

We opted for more chicken breasts and I forgot to tell the chicken buyer that they were supposed to be halved.  I came pretty close to becoming a holiday ER statistic and losing my hand for real.  Cutting through bone is no joke!  In the end, I triumphed.

I can haz a dredge?

After dredging, dipping in buttermilk, and dredging again, the chicken was ready to go into mega- hot peanut oil.


Fry, babies, FRY!

They came out golden brown and absolutely delicious.  Unfortunately, they were not cooked completely through so I baked them off in the oven for about 6 minutes and they were perfect.  Since the meat was brined, it was still juicy and tender.  NOMNOMNOM.

How can I keep from singing?

This was our private Thanksgiving celebration so I also made cornbread stuffing, crescent rolls (I have to have them every year.  Don’t hate.) roasted potatoes, and gravy.  It was a feast of brown.

The only green is the rosemary. My kind of meal.

I love private, day before Thanksgiving!  Anyone else do a home celebration before (or after) going out to eat with friends/family?


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