In today’s edition of TriFri….


And, much to my happy surprise, someone is coming around to the abbreviation “TriFri”:

He’s an emoji savant.

Months and months ago, I bought a suit, goggles, and a swim cap.  They’ve sat in the trunk of my car for months as I got comfortable with the idea of looking like a damn fool in the pool.  I must have hit that sweet spot where blog reading, YouTube video watching, and enthusiasm converge because today was the day!

Last night, I was researching pool workouts but most of them were 1200-1600 yards minimum.  Hahahaha, get real.  Then I found this fabulous website with much shorter workouts for true n00bs.  I chose this one:

My first sony, ehrm, SWIMMY!

Short and sweet.  Lots of breaks for breathing.  A little drill that would allow me to focus on body position, rotation, and breathing.

Things I learned from my first swimming workout:

* People are nice and no one laughs at you or gives you rude looks, no matter how slow/uncoordinated/near-death you are!

* Swimming requires a shit ton of gear.  I intended to run afterward but I forgot underwear, my iPhone arm-band, and headphones.  I can’t believe anything, let alone three things, were missing from the arsenal of crap I brought.

* My gym either doesn’t have any buoys/kickboards/noodles or they keep them locked up.  Weak!

* I am much better at breathing to the right.  When I attempted to breath on my left side, I ended up rotating weird and getting tons of water in my mouth.

* It’s hard to slow down while maintaining momentum but the pace that I defaulted to left me huffing and puffing at the end of each length.  Next time, I’m going to play with my pacing and time each length or lap.  It is so time for the Garmin 310 to come off my wishlist and onto my wrist.  Santa, can you hear me?

* I loooooooove being in the water!  I have since I was little and I can see how this will be a really enjoyable addition to my routine.

* Breaststroke > Freestyle.  I swam freestyle about 95% of the time but, God, breaststroke is awesome.

* Swimsuits are really wet when you get out of the water and it is hard to change your clothes quickly when you’re wet.  Transition.  I get it now.

Just like after my first foray into cycling, I can’t wait to do my next swim workout!  Since it’s so easy on my body, I might go tomorrow!

Finished off TriFri with a “blazing” (FOR ME.) tempo run at the lake.  I keep waiting for someone to take away these speedy legs and give me mine back…Except, please don’t!

Exqueeze me? Baking powder?

Any of y’all swim?  Swimming tips for a n00bie?

Also, I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and didn’t eat any “healthy alternatives” to ANYTHING!


5 thoughts on “I SWAM!

  1. hemingwayrun says:

    I’ve been told that just before you get out of the water, break the seal on the neck of your swim suit to let some water in, then the suit is easier to take off.

  2. Courtney Nicolaisen says:

    Hey, loving reading about all your crazy working out kicking ass adventures! If you want to force yourself to slow down, there are of course all sorts of drills that will improve your form and slow you down. You could alternate with some catch-up, or do a 5 count between strokes (that’s also a good way to practice breathing to alternate sides). And I can’t tell from your picture above what time you’re setting for your sets, but definitely build in some rest between set. Good luck!

  3. […] the next several months working up the nerve to look like a fool in the pool.  Once I finally did, I loved it.   TriFri was officially […]

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