Went to Dailey Method today.  Never realized how much I use my hands until I, sort of, couldn’t!

On the injury scale of 1-500, this is a 2.  I have full mobility of both hands and very minimal pain.  The deep cut on my right hand has begun to heal.  My left wrist, while quite bruised, is in pretty good shape.  And here’s what I still couldn’t do:

Neutral Spine Plank

I did this but my very bruisy wrist was not happy.  I pretty much couldn’t wait for this sequence to be over.

Chaturanga push-ups

Heeeeeeeell no.  Even if I could support myself on my hands, my wrist totally did not want to bend that way. 

Downward dog.  

My wound rebelled.

Traditional push-ups.

Didn’t even try.  I just sat there watching everyone else and feeling like a total punk.  I hope everyone saw my band-aids.  I tripled up on Angry Birds so they were pretty hard to miss.  I waterskii’d extra low to make up for it!  Don’t judge meeeee!

All-fours seat work.

Well, shit.  This was the only type of seat work I had no chance of doing.  The wonderful instructor, Meg, knew my gimp-sitch and said I could do prone instead.  

Holding the strap in a V-shape during flatback.

Who knew??  This was super uncomfortable!  I ended up holding the strap just with my fingers by the end.

Grasping my hands behind me in shoulder bridge.

After 60 minutes of lameness, this was the lamest of the lame.

I never thought I’d miss a hand so much!



I can’t imagine how frustrating it would be to have an actual injury!

How do you deal with minor but debilitating injuries?  Whine?  Power through?  Rip curtains with your hook?


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