Angry birds, natch.

Let me tell you about this amazing and perfect week of workouts and then I’ll give you all the LITERALLY GORY details.

If there is such a thing as a perfect week of training, this was it.  I hit every workout, challenged myself, exceeded expectations, and feel stronger for it.  AND it was rainy!  AND I had concerts!  Still nailed it! Can it always be like this?

Monday: Rest.  I’m so good at that!

Tuesday: 3.5 / 30:00 / 8:30 avg .  The super, mega SPEEDY DAY!  That was super, mega fun.

Wednesday:  TDM, 3.22 / 34:48 / 10:48 avg.  Slow run with a buddy who is returning to running after a few weeks off.  It was interesting to run at this pace.  I barely felt like I was doing anything and was able to talk normally the whole time.  No discomfort, even after my speedy run the day before.  Consecutive running days aren’t posing a challenge and that’s quite exciting.

I wondered several times if I could run at that pace for about 5 hours.  Today, probably not.  But in a year…..?  YES!

Thursday:  Rest.  And LOUIE at Davies Symphony Hall.  I can die now.



Friday:  TRIFRI!  (I’m not allowed to say that at home because apparently it sounds “idiotic” but I can say it on here as much as I like!  TRIFRI TRIFRI TRIFRIIIIIIIIII!)

I fucking LOVED this workout.  2 miles running on the treadmill, 12 miles on the stationary bike, and 2 more miles running in just under 74 min.  My running average was about 9:30 which would be a great pace for a first sprint tri.  Just sayin…

Picture taking abilities at minute 19, minute 74. #stroke

Saturday: Rest.  And by rest, I mean sing a reading of a new piece on the stage of the War Memorial San Francisco Opera House with the frickin’ San Francisco Opera Orchestra.  Then I sang the Schubert ‘Mass in A-flat’ with the San Francisco Choral Society and California Chamber Symphony.


Sunday: WIPEOUT!  6.25 / 59:44 / 9:33 avg.

Basically, I ran about 3 miles, feeling  fab.  Cool weather, easy pace, happy times.  Tripped on something, took two large steps to try to get my feet out in front of me but no dice.  I fell forward, skidding on my left side.  Several people were around and asked me if I was alright.  Aside from scrapes and a pretty bloody cut on my right hand, I was fine.


My hand and left leg stung (hello, my first road rash!) but I knew I was fine to continue.  Since I was near the end of my first loop, I decided to clean off my wound with water and a towel I had in the car and continue on.  The remaining 4 miles were  fine and the fall gave me an excuse to buy some sweet Angry Birds in Space (wtf) band-aids.

And then I got to be a diva again.

The show must go on!

Great wipeout stories?  Share ’em!


One thought on “Wipeout!

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