Yesterday, I went out for an easy 4.  This month’s base building calls for midweek runs of 4, 3, and 4 miles with long(er) runs of varying lengths.  My plan was to do an easy run and save speedwork for today’s 3 mile.

I don’t know if it was the cold temperatures or being *nearly naked* but speed was on the menu.

The shortest anything I have ever worn in public.

I started to run by feel, with the intention of feeling comfortable.  My breathing felt a little strong but steady and comfortable so I attributed it to a combination of the cold air and warming up my body.  I noticed how good the warm sensation in my calves felt in the chilly temperatures.  After about a half mile, I glanced down at my pace and saw just under a 9mm.  Most definitely my tempo pace and not my warm-up, easy run pace.  Whoops.  Decided to roll with it and figured that my body would tell me if I needed to slow down.  While I try to negative split every run (because I’m psychotic), this time I was cool with a slower back half.

As I neared my turnaround point, I was really working and showing an 8:30 pace.  My body was also aggressively requesting a bathroom stop.  Decided to kick it in to the turnaround (shaving off another 5 seconds!), relieve myself, and turn around for 2 more miles.  Actually EASY this time.

Here’s the first half:

Really?? Does this mean I could run a 5k at this pace? I THINK IT DOES.

And here’s the return run:


I just had my speedy legs yesterday.  I don’t know how to explain it!  When I started running again after the bathroom stop, it felt easy and the pace was the same: fast!  I embraced it and had the best 3.5 mile tempo run ever!

(Wait, what do you call it when your tempo run is faster than your tempo?!)

Now, I fully realize that this is not FAST in the greater scheme of things but to sustain that pace over multiple miles shocked me.  And if I’d really wanted to, I had more to give.  I was nowhere near throwing up or spontaneously combusting.  I think my RunKeeper description says it all:

First half: “Unexpected glimpse into the future. Fast. Dug. No pain.”

Second half: “Tempo part two?? Wtf?! Felt great!!

Ever surprise yourself with a speedy workout?  Because, it feels pretty awesome and you should definitely try it.  



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