Base Building Weeks 3 and 4.

Well, that went fast!  And pretty well!

Here’s the breakdown of weeks 3 and 4.

Base Building Week 3:

Monday: First stationary bike workout!  14 miles in 38 minutes.  Super fun!

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: TDM

Thursday: 3.0 / 28:49 / 9:36.  Ah yes, this workout.  I realized I was about to run two trail races and had run on trails, like, twice.  I went to the shoreline in San Leandro remembering that they have a one mile paved loop that is surrounded by dirt.  Figured I would make my own trail run.  My RunKeeper notes tell all:

“SO HARD. soft muddy trail. Shoes caked and heavy. Heart exploding, legs feel awesome.”

I literally had to stop three times to DIG mud out of my shoes.  I couldn’t even lift my legs!  It was cool and definitely gave me a sneak preview of what my heart would feel like during the races that weekend.

Friday: Rest and carb.

Saturday: RACE!  Lake Chabot Trail Run 5 miler!

Sunday: RACE AGAIN! Mt. Diablo Trail Adventure 5k!

Checking splits before even getting medal. Weirdo.

It was a race week so not a very intense training week.  There should have been another run in there but it didn’t happen and the races went well so I don’t have any regrets.

Base Building Week 4:

Monday: Rest.  After consecutive trail races, you better believe it.  I felt good though!

Tuesday: TDM

Wednesday: 3.0 / 27:07 / 9:02, TDM

Awesome! Easy turned into tempo in the last mile. No pain at all. Body amazing. Had marathon fantasies.”

Ah yes, this run.  This run felt incredible and led to some serious marathon plotting and fantasizing.

Thursday: TRI THURSDAY!  I did my first baby brick workout and it was super fun!  12 miles on the stationary bike in 32:58 and 3.10 / 30:02 / 9:48 on the treadmill.  Not bad considering it was my longest dreadmill run ever, first time running after cycling AND I had a quick run the day before!  Tri fantasies abound…

Friday: 3.0 / 28:11 / 9:24.  Yes, I ran 3 days in a row!  Felt good and strong except for a weird moment of instability in my left knee.  I have a very tight left ITB and I’m usually good about spending a lot of time stretching it and icing it if I notice anything unusual.  The niggle happened on the way back.  I noticed it but wasn’t terribly concerned.

Saturday: Technically a rest day but I spent all day moving which is definitely cross training in its own right.  Oh and gown shopping for concerts this week.  My job is pretty fab.

Fancy lady time!

Sunday: 6.44 / 1:03:37 / 9:53.  Yeah, this was supposed to be 10.  I planned 7 miles from Lake Merritt to Berkeley and back, followed by a lake loop.  Around mile 5, I that strange, unstable feeling in my left knee again.  I stopped to stretch, felt much better, and continued on.  I made the decision to cut the final 3 mile loop.  After more stretching,  my leg felt great and it continues to feel great today.  The lake was gorgeous and I was feeling so good otherwise.  It was a tough call but this is base building.  It’s about learning important lessons, challenging my body, and strengthening it so I can run MORE, not blowing it out so I can sit on the couch.

Overall, a solid first month of base building.  Many thoughts on this forthcoming!

Anyone follow a plan outside of race-specific training?  Tell me all about it!


One thought on “Base Building Weeks 3 and 4.

  1. Gown looks super cute! And looks like you had quite a great few weeks of base building!!

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