Real Life

First, the obligatory (and completely deserved) sympathy for those on the East Coast.  That storm looked really scary and my heart aches for those experiencing loss.

Second, I don’t have an opinion on the decision to hold the NYCM.  Everyone and their mother has expressed a number of valid opinions.  Ad nauseum.  I hope it ends up being an inspiring and restorative event and that everyone has a fantastic experience.  It just occurred to me that instead of supporters along the course, there might be protesters.  I really hope that’s not the case.

In these troubled times, we could all use a bit of cute.  Here’s my cat Merlin perched on my shoulder.  He’s a parrot in a cat costume:

My buddy and me.

Turns out that my fears of waning motivation in the absence of a big race were reasonable.  I don’t lack the desire to run or the motivation to improve.  So that’s good.  Still, this month has been busy and fitting my runs in have been a challenge.  Yet another reason I’m figuring it out now before I start another half marathon training cycle or, gulp, marathon training.

Yeah, I went there.

To be continued.

Base Building Week 2:

Monday: TDM

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: TDM followed immediately by a totally unexpected AWESOME tempo run!  3.0 / 27:09 / 9:04

Thursday: TDM

Friday: 5.0 / 48:03 / 9:38 –  “Great and easy.  Bathroom stop.  Left ITB tight but ok.”*

*poetry courtesy of RunKeeper

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: 8.0 / 1:18:15 / 9:47  – “Good. Tough start mentally but fought through. Felt strong!”

It was a great week.  I was totally surprised at how strong I felt during Wednesday’s tempo run.  I’m also pleased that I’m comfortably running faster on mid-length runs.  I don’t think the magical 9:09 (sub-2 half marathon) is out of the realm of possibility.  It might not be my next half but it’s in me.  Due to my busy schedule, I had to combine a couple runs, hence the Friday 5 miler.  I was a bit intimidated by doing a mid-length run during the week but it was great!

Working out has gone head to head with working IN this week.  November is always a busy season for me.  With additional rehearsals, performances and pitch black mornings, I’ve had to reschedule runs or abandon them all together.  Knowing that I have two races on trails this weekend, I headed to a popular and paved running path that I knew had dirt surrounding it.



So, here’s a question: how does three miles on a soft, muddy trail feel like 0 miles on my legs and 13 miles to my poor heart?!  We had our first rain a couple days ago so the dirt was packed enough to run but muddy enough to cling to my shoes.  I literally had to stop and dig the dirt out halfway through.  My shoes were so heavy, I could barely pick up my feet!  It was a fantastic workout and today, I don’t even feel like I ran yesterday.  Yay for soft ground.

Real life is muddy.  It’s busy.  It’s heavy.  It’s gentle.  It’s surprising.

It’s full.


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