Gym Fun! That’s a Thing!

This morning, I woke up and felt like going to the gym to try out stationary biking.  Weird desire, I realize, but it sounded like a good idea!


I just met you and I love you.

I haven’t been on a stationary bike in probably 10 years (?) so I winged it.  Or “wunged” it.  I am not sure what the past tense of “to wing it” is.  The bike had resistance levels up to 20.  12 felt very easy so I started there for about 5 minutes before bumping it up to 14.  14 got my heart rate up so I decided to very non-scientific intervals.  A few miles at level 14, a few miles at level 12, one mile at level 15, one at 14 and a cool down.

A total of 14 miles in 38 minutes.  Is that good?  It felt good!  I remember doing 10 miles on a bike once and it feeling epic and taking like 45 minutes.  A different life…

So, here are the things I LOVED about the bike this morning:

*  Didn’t have to use RunKeeper and worry about accidentally pausing it!

* Could text, check twitter, and use Pandora!  Bonus for being able to enjoy slightly slower pop songs.

* Nobody wants the upright bikes so I didn’t have to wait.

* Um, insane calorie burnage.  I realize that indoor equipment is notoriously inaccurate but if I even burned 50% of the 671 calories displayed, it was 38 minutes very well spent.

* My legs felt good!

* It made me feel like cycling for sport is absolutely within my physical capabilities.  Why yes, I did purposely bike just over the distance of your average sprint tri.

Majorly time to get into some spin classes, get on a REAL bike, and figure out what the hell these figures mean:

Is that good?



4 thoughts on “Gym Fun! That’s a Thing!

  1. Julie says:

    If you had your heart rate at the same rate you normally do for running, then should be the same calorie burn. Since I believe calorie burn is just a matter of your heart rate over time, discounting weights & muscle building & the like.

    I’ve been using the recumbant bike at the gym since it keeps my heart rate in the 60-70% zone I’ve been experimenting with. My new “low intensity” approach.

    Way to cross train!

  2. Jenn K says:

    Time to try a spin class!!!!!!

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