Every once in awhile, even healthy eaters need to reset.

I am not the healthiest eater by any means but I’d say 85% of my eating is “clean” (eye-roll) and the other 15% is indulgent.  That ratio, combined with my workout schedule, has worked well.  I’ve stayed within the same 5 lbs (132-137) for about eight months!  In that time, my body has changed dramatically.  It has gone from mushy to solid.  Muscle tone has emerged everywhere.  While the number on the scale has stayed the same, the number on my labels has continued to go down.  Neat!

I could happily stay at this weight and continue to observe the tightening and toning of my body over time.  Butttttttt, I’m a little impatient and I know that by adjusting my food, I could drop some pounds and see if I like it.  In June, when I traveled to Colorado, I lost about 7lbs due to stress, salads, dehydration and limited exercise.  When I came back at 128 lbs, I looked skeletal and my beloved was alarmed by my prominent spine and ribs.  I’m much stronger than I was 5 months ago so I’d like to take another crack and the 120’s and see how I look.

Here are the rules for the next TWO WEEKS:

(Even I’m skeptical…)

* Lean protein, fish, eggs

* Veggies

* Fruit (limited)

* Nuts

* Olive oil

* Water

* Chia seeds – totally new to me and I’m excited to try these.  Normally I abhor anything that suggests “hippie” but I’m intrigued.

What is not on this list?  Among many other things, my precious life blood: DIET COKE.  I’ve had 6 today.  No joke.  This might be a challenge.

These are the foods that my body likes.  My body doesn’t like the carbs.  Doesn’t like the dairy.  My mouth does but the next two weeks are about making choices based on what will make my system feel good, not my short-term emotional needs.

I’m interested to see how this affects my energy level and workouts.  I will make an exception for pasta on Friday because I’m running not one but TWO races this weekend!  A 5-miler on Saturday and 5K on Sunday.  Spinach and grilled chicken could certainly fuel those short distances but I want to feel strong and carbpower is the way to go.  My belated 30th birthday meal may also happen during the next two weeks and you better believe I’m going to throw all the restrictions out the window and eat with abandon.

What does your body like?  Ever have to reset your system or your habits?


2 thoughts on “Reset

  1. Julie says:

    When I was on my anti-inflammatory diet, this is basically what I was eating. Plus some other stuff. If you’re craving something starchy, I find that sweet potatoes, corn, rice, oats, and quinoa were life savers. If you wanted carbs, but not necessarily gluten. It’s easier on your digestion, which for me, made a big difference on how my body processed it. Not in an intolerant way, just more chillaxed.

    How are you going to eat the chia seeds? I love them and hemp seeds. Have you tried the “chia pudding”? Basically just soak the chia seeds in water or milk like stuff, and it kind of dissolves a bit. It’s neat but not too appetizing, I think. But mixed with oatmeal? Yum!

    Good luck! Keep me posted on how you like it!

  2. girlinchucks says:

    It’s kind of wacky, but I find the older I get, the more “hippie” I become.

    Like back in my SOTA days, I would’ve been very judgemental about all of these crazy people with their hemp seed porridge and spinach packed whey protein smoothies.

    Then I became one of those people. Terrifying.

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