The last couple weeks have made me feel like this:


So my response has been to do this:


Despite feeling very overwhelmed and anxious about life in general, I’ve had a great couple weeks of base-building.  I just didn’t have the energy to tell y’all about it.  So here’s an update in the form of my sweaty, immediately-post-run one-liners from RunKeeper.

(How’s that for creative punctuation?)

Base-Building Week 1

Monday 10/15: Rest

Tuesday 10/16: TDM

Wednesday 10/17: TDM

Thursday 10/18: 3.0 / 27:10 / 9:02 avg

“First 9:09 tempo run. TOUGH. Legs good but heart exploding. Stopped to rest twice. Pushed it at the end though! Wanted to quit bigtime!”

Friday 10/19: 2.5 / 27:22 / 10:58 avg , TDM

“Hills. Ow. Good run. Felt left ITB.”

Saturday 10/20: Rest

Sunday 10/21: 6.0 / 59:25 / 9:54 avg

Great. Steady pace. First podcast run (Fresh Air!)  Left ITB strain.  

Total mileage: 14.25

It was a really good week.  I admit, it was a bit ambitious to put a tempo run and hills on my first consecutive running days.  Thankfully, my legs were willing and able because the distances were very short.  I can’t believe how nice it is to have the option of back to back days.  I have so much more scheduling flexibility now!

Regarding the ITB strain, I tend to feel varying degrees of tightness in my left leg during or after every run.  I roll and ice and the pain never continues into the next day so I’m not terribly concerned.  As I’ve said a million times, the dynamic stretching in TDM has kept me limber and healthy!

Week two has gone just as well with new milestones.  I’ll report on it tomorrow after my 8 miler!










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