My First Trail Run!

Today, I bought trail shoes and ran in them on a trail!

Clean, cute new Kinvaras. After about 4 minutes, they were cute Kinvaras.

I went to REI today and had turrrrrible customer service in the shoe department.  The woman knew virtually nothing about shoes.  It was peculiar.  I headed up to Transports on Solano Ave. (for my Bay Area buddies) and had a much better experience.  I tried on a few pairs and felt great in the Kinvara Progrid TR.  In a moment of uncharacteristic retail spontaneity, I bought them on the spot.  No obsessing over reviews or online price comparisons.  I was pleased with them but they’re not the cutest.  All good.  A sign of running maturity, I suppose.  😀

For my first trail run evah, I went to Tilden Regional Park.  It’s ginormous and I hadn’t been there since I was a child.  I drove into the “nature area”, found a parking spot and a trail and ran.

So pretty and a little scary!

Smart Things I Did:

* Chose a trail near a road.  It turned out to be a short loop.  Since I could hear other people nearby, I chose to run it a second time rather than venturing further away.

* Wore trail shoes.  I always felt secure and never worried about slipping on leaves, wooden stairs, or anything unstable.

* Ran without music.  I didn’t want to compromise my awareness of animals or other folks.  Not gonna lie, hearing but not seeing creatures was unnerving.

* Texted my location and anticipated return time to my beloved.  Texted him when I finished the run to confirm that all was well.

Stupid Things I Did:  (This list is considerably longer)

* Didn’t check to make sure that the above text actually went through.  It didn’t.  Had I gone missing, no one would have known where I was.
* Had I gone missing and turned up unconscious, no one would have known who I was.  I RAN WITHOUT ANY ID.
(Road ID ordered.  Then I realized I could have saved $15 and just photocopied my DL and stuck it in with my phone.  D’oh.)
* Wore some stupidly expensive jewelry.  I was wearing it during the day and didn’t want to leave it in the car.  Could you please rob me?  THANKS.
* Didn’t pull my left sock up far enough and got a blister.
* Didn’t bring a map.
* Didn’t bring anything to protect myself from an animal or a human animal.
Full disclosure:  I am a somewhat fearful person who, sadly, has been victimized by crime.  I absolutely LOVED running through the woods.  I felt like a total badass jumping over roots, navigating stairs, and hearing my heart pound out of my chest as I went up and up and up.  It was incredibly freeing to run without music in nature.  I was also a little creeped out.  I really need to prepare myself for the unfortunate so I can truly enjoy this exploration.  Or find a trail running group.  That actually sounds awesome.  Please, blogworld, MAKE ME DO THAT.

Now I understand why they advise beginning trail runners to go for TIME rather than DISTANCE. Hello exhausting 12 minute miles!

Any advice for a noobie trail runner?  How do you stay safe out in the wilderness?


5 thoughts on “My First Trail Run!

  1. Julie says:

    LOL. What’s funny is I read the first few words of this post and thought “I hope she was being safe, running all alone on a trail!” Glad you were way ahead of me. To anyone who might think you’re being over-protective of yourself, you are most definitely not. A couple of years ago there was a girl who was murdered on the running trails not even a mile from my house. Husband stopped letting me go alone, even with our dog. They thankfully got the nutjob that did it, but still. These times, a lady has got to protect her person!

    Sounds like a really nice run though. And gorgeous. Oh, how I miss green trees. Or trees at all. ;p

  2. Diana says:

    Last time I was in Oakland, I went running in Tilden, I think leaving from Inspiration Point? Somewhere. Anyway, they have cattle grazing at the top. It was awesome, I was just all running by the cows. What’s up cows?!

  3. Congrats on your first big trail run! Glad it made you feel like a total badass, and great choice on the shoes! Those Kinvara TRs are my fave!

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