Base Building and Bad Haircutting

Sick day #2.

My legs are itching to go but I’m still laid out with this fluey yuckiness.  After two nights of NyQuil sleep, I could probably work out but it’s not worth pushing it and setting myself back another few days.  So the day wouldn’t be a total wash, I figured I could sit through a haircut.  I asked for a few inches off (my hair was down my back) and light, not pronounced layering.  This is what I got:


She just kept cutting shorter and shorter!  In and in and in!  There’s really nothing that can be done once it’s in motion so I just rolled with it.  My hair grows quickly so it’s not really a big deal.  Except…

B*tch stole my ponytail!

And yet, the world continues to turn.  Sigh…

So, if I can’t run, at least I can plan running!  A few nights ago, I had a moment of concern.  I attribute a lot of my training success to the fact that I had a clear plan and a goal to work towards.  While I have a number of large goals (run faster, run further, cycle without dying, swim without drowning), I don’t have a specific race that I’m training for.  I began to worry that without a plan that culminated in something meaningful, I would lose my fitness and lose my way.

Since I respond well to plans, it seemed that a base building plan would be beneficial.  I thought about the areas in which I would like to grow as a runner before my next round of half marathon training:

Get Faster!

* Acclimate my body to four days a week of running including back to back days.

* Increase my mileage incrementally to prevent injury.
In the absence of a base building plan that met my needs, I developed my own!  Like my half marathon training, it is rather conservative.  It is basically four blocks of four weeks and will take me into the beginning of February.  I cycle through six, eight, and ten mile long runs and end each cycle with a cutback run of four miles.  You’ll notice that the first two cycles are out of order.  This is because I had concerts on the weekends where I was scheduled to do ten miles.  Knowing how fatiguing those runs can be, I swapped them with the cutback four miler.

Each week will include at least one speedwork session.  My immediate neighborhood is hilly so I plan to run from home more frequently.  Most exciting,  I hope to do at least one run a week on trails!  I’ve even embarked on the process of buying trail shoes.  I’m ridiculously indecisive when purchasing anything over $70 so it might take awhile.

One question I’ve had trouble understanding about base training:  if I’m regularly running up to 10 miles, am I half marathon “ready” all the time?  I think I’ll probably do one in February or early March and see how it goes!  I’ll certainly be prepared enough to do 13.1 without injury.

How do you maintain and develop your fitness between training cycles?


One thought on “Base Building and Bad Haircutting

  1. Sorry you are sick! My FAVORITE med to use with a cold or flu is Mucinex D. Helps lower coughing and mucus production. It is my life saver!

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