Sick Day

So this is what the 30s are all about?  NyQuil?

Not feeling it.

Honestly, I’d like to give my body a huge BRAVO for steeling itself against the plague germs until after the race.  While I would prefer not to feel like kaka right now, I’m super grateful that I stayed healthy when it mattered.

My legs are ready to run but my body says “hell nah.”  Since I can’t get outside and run around on my half marathoner legs (I’ll stop saying it soon, promise), I can at least plan my next race!

Wait, are my shoes going to get dirty?

Lake Chabot is a beautiful regional park in the East Bay.  This race has 5 Mile, Half Marathon, Marathon and 50K events.  I’ve never done a trail race and have very minimal experience running on trails.  I’m doing the 5 mile event which only has an elevation gain of about 250′.  About 70% is on paved paths.   That feels really manageable and since I haven’t done this distance in a race before, it’s an automatic PR!

On the long list of things I’m interested in exploring is trail running.  I hope to get a few runs in at Tilden Park and Lake Chabot before the race on November 3rd.

Might just have to treat myself to a new pair of shoes….

…..that made me feel a bit better.

Calling all trail runners:  top tips for a newbie?



One thought on “Sick Day

  1. Dash says:

    Sorry you are feeling sick, hope you recover soon!
    If you are trail running make sure you have proper trail shoes, I’m STILL recovering from a foot injury I sustained back in July when I tried trail running in my regular road shoes.
    Other than that, enjoy! I generally love trail running, when it’s not trying to kill me/break my ankles!

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