Choosing Happy

This morning I felt crappy.  I woke up tired for the infinitieth time, dreading the day ahead.  I dragged my sleepy ass to TDM where I trudged through my desk shift.  I noticed some twinges in my throat.  I saw fleeting images of running 13.1 miles with the plague that has afflicted almost all of my students.  My knee hurt.  My elbow hurt.

(First person to name the reference in the comments gets a high five)

Then I made a choice.  The choice was to smile.

It’s my mother f*cking BIRTHDAY RACE WEEK!  It’s the last Wednesday of my twenties!  I ain’t got time to pout.

I took a great TDM class where I realized that I can finally totally do legit push-ups.  I taught several interesting and inspiring lessons.  I had a delicious lunch with the new issue of In Style.


…..I learned in Oakland.

While I would prefer my moods to be a little more even keeled, I’m happy to say that 9pm me barely resembles 9am me.

Choose happy. Sometimes, it works!


3 thoughts on “Choosing Happy

  1. Yay for being positive! Good luck in your race and happy birthday!

  2. jbbarr says:

    Raiders of the Lost Ark!

  3. Julie says:

    Excellent! I pep talked my hubs the same way this morning. Telling him everytime he was feeling down to focus on something positive about the day. Way to keep the funk away!

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