Week Of

A couple friends have asked how much I’m running/working out this week.  Since it’s only a half marathon, there isn’t a significant taper period.  Just an easy week leading up to the race so my legs are fresh and happy.  The plan is to have a normal week but taking everything easy.  Except the foam rolling.  Going deep on the foam rolling.

Monday:  Dailey Method.  I am going to classes this week but not pushing myself during the typically brutal thigh work sets.  I can’t even tell y’all how devious and amazing it felt to just go through the motions of thigh work yesterday, with barely a quiver.  I felt nice heat through all parts of my legs but I was not working hard at all.  Must not make that a habit!  I could certainly justify skipping classes this week but as I’ve said ad nauseum, the dynamic stretches in TDM are amazing.  I fully credit the combination of strength work and stretching in TDM to keeping me injury free over the last 19 weeks.

Today: Easy 3 miles.  When I say “easy” I mean the sloooooow pace I’m going to try to start with on Sunday.  Also food detoxing from last night’s sushi/pizza debacle.  I feel like straight up sh*t today.  It’s a water and veggies day.

Wednesday: TDM, foam rolling, happy dancing that it’s almost here!  Detox day two.

Thursday:  What I expect to be a very hot final  run.  It will have to be mid-day and we’re having an unreal heat spell.  Good practice for Sunday morning if it’s hot as hell in the second hour.  Still detoxing, depending on how I feel in the next couple days.

Friday: TDM.  Possibly amazing 30th birthday dinner if I can get myself together and choose a restaurant.  If not, amazing 30th birthday dinner next week!

Saturday:  Rest day, EXPO!  Lunch with my amazing friend Rachel who is coming up from Santa Barbara to run the race and celebrate with me!  Try to fend off the barrage of early birthday presents.

Sunday:  Half Marathon PR!

What are you doing for my birthday week?  I graciously give you permission to do things because I am a benevolent birthday princess.




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