This week I will RUN A HALF MARATHON!

This week I will……turn 30……..

It’s finally here and I couldn’t be more stoked!  As I remarked on Facebook this morning:

“Adulthood: knowing exactly where your birthday presents are being hidden and not looking!”

One of the things my beloved and I have in common is that once we buy a present, we have a hard time keeping it a secret.  We just want to give it right away!  (This might be why, despite the protestations of his friends, he proposed on 9/11.  He had the ring and just couldn’t wait.  It was still a wonderful proposal.)  He’s already let a few details slip:  the presents have a theme, several of them are in his filing cabinet, and “my mind will be blown.”  He’s going all out for the big 3-0 and I couldn’t feel more special!

Yesterday was hot, hot, HOT!  I sang an outdoor concert at the gorgeous Palace of the Legion of Honor museum.  It was a stunningly clear day in San Francisco.

My goodness, California. You are a beauty.

I wish I’d brought my running shoes.  Even though it was super hot, I was dying to get out there and explore.  I live in Oakland (across the Bay Bridge, not pictured) and typically only come to San Francisco if I’m being paid to sing there.  Or if I can take BART to wherever I’m going and don’t have to deal with parking.  This day, however, left me planning return visits and long runs.

With 5 miles still on deck, I returned home and waited out the heat.  Not wanting to lose the light, I headed out to the San Leandro shoreline for a sunset run.  Pardon the photo dump but it was just so stupidly gorgeous.

This is gonna be good…

I could do this forever.

My intention was to practice my half marathon pace (between 10:00 and 10:30).  Close to the 5k mark, I was averaging around 9:15.  Oops.  It was just so gorgeous, I guess I was inspired.  I even decided to treat myself to a photo break.  I *never* stop during runs because I feel like it’s a slippery slope and I don’t totally feel like I can claim a time if it included stops.  But…this sunset was just too good to pass up.


Running towards infinity.

The last mile was absolutely the best.

I was a happy, happy girl.  Especially when I saw the most beautiful thing of all:

Even with photo breaks! Hot diggity!

This was the perfect final Sunday run.  I had opportunities to push through fatigue and was absorbed by the beautiful environment.  What a delightful sport I’ve taken up.  Seriously.  Loving it.

Tell me about a beautiful run!


2 thoughts on “October

  1. Julie says:

    Naw, that’s so sweet about your man! Mine can’t handle the whole gift giving thing in the first place. He used to become all mopey the day before my birthday saying how he couldn’t think of anything to give me. Because he doesn’t ever give anyone gifts. Seriously, his brain is not wired for it or something. He’s the most thoughtful person in the world, but cannot understand the concept of buying something tangiable for someone (in advance!), putting it away until a given day, and giving it to them. It’s kind of hilarious and infuriating. But it gets me out of thinking of gifts for him too. When we want something, we just buy it and say “it’s my birthday present”. It works. 🙂

    AND IT’S ALMOST YOUR HALF MARATHON BDAY! Do you have the day scoped? It’s good that you’ve done just shy of a half already because you what kind of recovery time you need afterwards. Smart!

    So while I’m on this diet/exercise regime I’m not running. For the whole month. It’s crazy hard – though not as hard as the diet. Heh. What if I lose all my running ability?! What if I can never do a half again? Ahhh! I shall live vicariously!

    PS: What’s your running regime look like for the week leading up to the race? I’m curious. I did a medium/long-ish run 2 days before, then a rest day the day before.

    • Shauna says:

      You won’t lose your ability! It might take a bit of time to work back up to your previous pace or distance but you can do anything!!

      I run 3 days a week (two 3-4 mile runs and a long run.) This week calls for two 3 mile runs and then the big day! I’m going to TDM a few times also, mostly for the stretching and taking it easy during thigh work. SO EXCITED!

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