I’ve been instructed (by my brain) to eat everything that isn’t nailed down.

It started like this:


I fueled well during my long run on Sunday but was still surprised not to be STARVING later in the day.  During the run, visions of pizza, burgers, sweet potato fries, and ice cream got me through the tough moments.  When it came time to shovel it in my mouth however, I felt decidedly “meh.”

Turned out to be delayed onset starvation because on Monday this happened:

So, so much cheese.

I went to TOWN.  I am usually absolutely stuffed after three slices.  I plowed through four and honestly, could have kept going.  Had I not promised my love that a surprise was waiting for him in the fridge (the leftovers), I may have eaten the whole thing.  Still, I set a new PR and that’s always something to celebrate.

Interesting sidebar: my server told me that she and her co-worker had commented to each other that “I could really put it away.”  A year ago that remark would have made me burst into tears but I didn’t feel bad at all.  They saw…dare I say…a skinny person eating a metric ton of deep dish pizza.  That was probably surprising to them!  I simply smiled and happily didn’t feel like a disgusting person with no control.  My self-perception has finally caught up with reality.  I’m a fit person who can eat a lot of pizza.

I ate that.


You’d think that my hunger and desire to indulge post-run would be sated by the above amazingness.  It totally wasn’t and I’ve gone on the following food tear:

One scoop of Mexican chocolate and one scoop of cookies n’ cream. With hot fudge, please.

Ice cream for dinner.  Nailed Tuesday.


Wait. What is happening?

Again, I moved my ass towards the imaginary treat at the end of the run and then didn’t want it!  I was craving vegetables.  Ugh.  BTW, had the Chicken Avacado Cobb Salad and the tomatoes were literally frozen.  Like I thought an ice cube had been accidentally dropped into my salad until I saw tomato seeds in the middle.  Little quality control over here?

My creepy vegetable craving passed and I was back on track yesterday:

Crack is whack.

Ate the whole damn package.  And a piece of pizza while I was cooking.  And a turkey burger and sweet potato fries earlier in the day.  And a couple of Larabars.  Okay, estrogen.  Satisfied?

Today, I’m going to attempt to eat like normal me and see what happens.  Wish me luck!

Does your  brain ever tell you to eat crazy?  Do you override or just go with it?


4 thoughts on “Insanity

  1. Julie says:

    Wow! Who says that to someone?? It is mos def that they saw teeny tiny you eating like they wish they could eat and look like teeny tiny you. But still!

    Back when I actually had hormones to speak of, I used to get on those eating kicks as well. I try and give my body what it needs but not go overboard. 🙂

    • Shauna says:

      I commented to the server that I’d never eaten 4 pieces in one sitting before so it wasn’t completely unsolicited. Still, I think it’s highly inappropriate for servers to EVER comment on a patrons eating. In the past, seemingly innocuous remarks have really hurt my feelings if I was feeling particularly sensitive.

      • Julie says:

        Understandably, but I’m glad you didn’t let it get to you, since I’m sure it wasn’t meant as an insult. 🙂

        Have you gotten any comments about how lucky you are because you can eat whatever you want because you’re naturally skinny? I HATE those comments. I work my ass off, and I have pics of me over 200lbs to prove I can neither eat whatever I want, nor am I “naturally” skinny.

      • Shauna says:

        I haven’t gotten those comments but I certainly am prepared with the same retort. I’m still not even adjusted to being a thin person, let alone someone for whom it is EFFORTLESS. BWAHAHAHA.

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