I’m here! I’m here!

I’m here! I’m alive! I’m still training!

Fall has arrived and my work load has increased about 300%. I have a number of new students (including several professional singers) and a number of gigs on the calendar! After the annual dry spell that is summer, September is always a wonderful and slightly overwhelming relief.

In the midst of chaos, I still managed to “bake” DOUBLE STUFFED OREO STUFFED CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES for my darling’s 35th birthday.

Flying Saucer SUGARSHIPS!

For the first time, I’ve had a workout/training schedule to consider when putting together my teaching schedule. Being a morning runner, there’s virtually no conflict as the typical opera singer does not want to take (or teach!) her voice lessons at 7am. I can be home, foam rolled, stretched, fed, and showered long before the teaching or singing day begins. No problem.

Dailey Method is another story. As a member of the trade staff, I usually cannot take the morning classes because they’re too full of paying clients. In order to take the mid-day and afternoon classes, I’ve had to schedule my morning students on running days. With some creative scheduling, it has been fairly easy to get daily workouts in and even some doubles. Sometimes I have to run in the evening or take a late class but with cooler weather, that’s not a problem.

Sometimes I think about the original intention of this blog. I can barely remember the almost 15 years I spent avoiding, hating, and fearing physical activity. It’s truly become one of my favorite parts of my life. This is a subject for another post.

I will leave you with this picture of my cats investigating the dishwasher:



One thought on “I’m here! I’m here!

  1. Dash says:

    Oh those cookies look amazing!

    The picture of your cats made me laugh – my cat used to sit on the draining board and bat at the drops from our leaky kitchen tap.

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