No, Thanks!

Things I Have No Interest In Doing

(Not because I’m intimidated by these things.  They just sound really unpleasant.)

1.  Tough Mudder.

Mud fire?  This is a thing?

2.  Any other race in mud.

Even the ones where they don’t set you on fire.

3.  Bay to Breakers.  

Dodging barf pools and nearly-naked “costumed” Facebook employees.  Can we not?

4.  Being a vegan.

Bacon.  Brie.  Cookies and Cream.

5.  Zumba.

Though, if someone filmed me attempting this, it could go viral…

6.  Motherhood.

The ultimate endurance event.  I’ll pass.

7.  Crossfit 

I know there are excellent instructors but it just looks like Injuryville, USA.

What popular endeavors make you go “……..meh…….”?


2 thoughts on “No, Thanks!

  1. A couple friends of mine did a Mud Run and they loved it for the most part and want to do more, extreme mud runs. I think for them (maybe not ALL mud-run enthusiasts) it’s about taking pride in enduring hardship. Or having a socially-acceptable way to play in the mud, lol. Either way, I’ll take my fitness in a more gentle and clean way! (Hello, swimming, best of both worlds, you!)
    I was socially conditioned to be slightly shocked at your refusal of motherhood, but I think it’s really up to every individual to decide that for themselves. You are no less a woman, no less a full citizen, no less self-centered or selfless, than anyone else because you’ve decided that. Go you for feeling comfortable stating it without disclaimer or equivocation! LOL, I like that – the ultimate endurance event.
    So I’m with you on the mud runs and the vegan-ness, but I’m kinda already pot-committed on the kid thing. (Always wanted kids anyway.) Other popular health/fitness ventures I will probably NOT get into: boot-camp-style fitness programs. Having been through actual boot camp (Navy), yeah I’ll pass on the screaming in my face and jumping jacks ’til I wanna puke. Hmmm, what else…all I can think of right now is stuff I’m really INTO, and then non-health/fitness popular stuff that makes me go “meh”. Like Twilight. 😛

  2. Julie says:

    SD Rock & Roll Half Marathon. It’s expensive. It’s massive. It’s way too early, and it’s far. Pass.

    Eating Paleo. No glutten OR dairy OR sugar. Even some legumes are forbidden. Pass. If I need to google an ingredient to figure out if I can effing eat it, it’s too complicated.

    Anything Zombie. Flash zombie mobs. Zombie obstacle courses. Zombie haunted houses. I find the fad really stupid.

    Lunchtime workouts. I get that mom’s are busy and this is the only workout time available to them, but working out right after lunch sounds like the most uncomfortable thing ever. And working out before sounds pretty miserable too. Plus, eating & showering & working out? How long of lunchbreaks are these people taking?!

    Thriathalons. I’m all about varying a workout to include running, biking, and swimming. But to do all 3 at once? How logistically annoying!

    And I’ll throw in any Iron Woman or full marathon. I feel like they take something healthy like exercise and push it to such an extreme that I’m not sure it is healthy at that point.

    Fun times!

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