Speed Work – Take Two

A few weeks ago, I attempted an interval workout:

0.5 mile @ comfortable pace.

0.25 mile @ haul ass pace.

Repeat for 3 miles.

It majorly kicked my ass and I only completed two of the four planned intervals.

This morning, I debated adjusting this workout.  Maybe it was too hard for me?   I considered reducing the length of the fast intervals or extending the entire workout to lengthen the recoveries to 0.75.  I also thought that perhaps I should run the fast intervals a bit slower.  I pondered these options while I sat in the car and refreshed my Twitter feed.  This is called stalling.

There’s nothing wrong with doing lots of different types of workouts.  There is something wrong with changing a workout because you’re afraid.  I decided to attempt the same workout without any alterations.  Maybe I still wouldn’t be able to complete all the fast intervals.  That would be okay; it’s all about progress, right?



I really needed this run.  My legs felt loose.  I was up for a challenge.  I felt truly strong for the first time since the 11 miler.  BOOYAH.

Only problem is, I’m going to have to make it harder next time!  Noooooooooo!  😀

Tell me about the last workout that made you feel really, really, really SUPER AWESOME.  



2 thoughts on “Speed Work – Take Two

  1. Joanna says:

    Great job, girl! I need to start trying to do speed work. The thing is… it’s so hard! 🙂

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