Running in Yountville aka. Kellerville

Just outside of Napa, CA is a small town called Yountville.  I like to call it “where I’m going to retire” or “Thomas Keller Disneyland.”

Shhhhh! The French Laundry is sleeping behind me!

Thomas Keller is the restaurateur behind The French Laundry, Bouchon, Per Se (in NY), and the casual (but still phenomenal and prix fixe) Ad Hoc.  My beloved and I make an annual pilgrimage up to Ad Hoc for their famous fried chicken, served every other Monday.  This event is known in our house as “Chickenversary” and it’s something I think we both look forward to even more than our actual anniversary.

Koka! Koka! Koka!

In the last couple years, Ad Hoc opened Addendum –  a little shack in the back of the property where they sell the fried chicken EVERY WEEKEND.  There’s also an BBQ option that I’m sure is delicious but I’ll never know because, duh, chicken.   Why would I drive 50 miles for anything other than the chicken?!  (And many, many macarons from Bouchon Bakery.)  Well, when we received an email a few weeks ago saying that Addendum was doing lobster rolls, I knew it was the perfect first treat of his birthday month!

I woke up early and headed out in my running clothes.  I planned to do my 4 miles on one of my regular routes and then head up to get our lunch.  As soon as I got in the car, I realized that I had the opportunity to do a run among the vineyards and past my absolute favorite restaurants!  I could run past The French Laundry!

I arrived about an hour later and parked right in front of Ad Hoc.  Could we please take a moment and check out the gorgeousness of this place?

California. That is all.

As I drove in, I spied a little trail that I planned to take up Washington Street.  It only took me about a quarter mile before it rejoined the main drag.  Yountville is adorable and I was happy to run on the streets.  There were a number of people out running and biking.  We all enjoyed the cool weather before the fog burned off and the sun began to blaze.

I had a lovely 4 mile run that took me through some vineyards and onto some weird stretches of semi-highway on which I probably shouldn’t have been running.

Mini and unexpected trail run! I think I like it!

By the time I finished, it was quite sunny.  I toweled my sweatiness off and joined the hour-long line for Bouchon Bakery.

I will wait all day for you.

Pardon the workout aroma, fellow patrons.  At least you got to see me in my new pace-setter skirt, unshaved legs, and completely mismatched top and shoes.

I would have chosen the exact same outfit when I was four AND A HALF.

With treats in hand, I headed back up to Ad Hoc/Addendum for the main event.  LOBSTERCHICKENVERSARY!

Too bad I can’t read emails and it was closed.


Turns out they were serving the lobster rolls all weekend.  Thursday through Saturday.  And Monday.  But not Sunday.


Still, I had a delightful run in the idyllic Napa Valley.  We got some tasty treats, one of which was consumed within four seconds of my disappointing discovery.  All in all, worth it.

So worth it.


5 thoughts on “Running in Yountville aka. Kellerville

  1. love the skirt! my mom said she was shopping the other day and came across a skort (since I told her I wanted to try one!). long story short, she bought it, shipped it to me and i love it! you were so right!

  2. I love running photo blogs! Welcome to #FitnessBlogClub! Like minded running photographer here (totally amateur on both counts)!

  3. Julie says:

    Whomp! Whomp! Indeed! I was so excited to scroll down and see pictures of lobster rolls. Ah well. An excuse to go back another time when they have them again. 🙂 And your run looked gorgeous!

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