11 Miles

Yesterday, I ran 11 miles.


That’s a stupid long time to run.

My ten mile run a couple weeks ago went well so I wasn’t particularly amped for or intimidated by 11.  In fact, I didn’t even have my route planned until just before bed on Saturday evening.  (I’m kind of a nutso planner so that’s atypical behavior.)  I knew I didn’t want to do the same route I had done for 8 and then added on to for 10.  Since the Summer Breeze 10K, I’ve wanted to go back to the San Leandro/Hayward shoreline.  Remembering that there was a half marathon event, I looked up the course.  Look at me, being all strategic!

Plan: Just keeping running along the water. Don’t stop running. Don’t run into the water.

It was a tough run for me.  I’d eaten a big bowl of GF pasta for dinner (more to come on my new thoughts on gluten) and had my regular breakfast but I felt fatigued right off the bat.  Running right into a cold headwind did not help.  During the first two miles, I had several “sh*t, what if I don’t finish?!” thoughts which I tried to run through like physical obstacles.  By mile three, I had found a bit of a groove but honestly, the whole first half was quite a mental battle.  Surprising, considering how slowly I was running.

I anticipated relief at the turnaround and I suppose there was a bit but mostly, I was just tired.  I took my second Clif Shot Blok (Black Cherry – yum) which gave me a bit of a boost.  Is it weird that when I drink water after a shot blok, it tastes like iced tea to me?  Sort of thought I might be having a stroke or something.  Must get Road ID…

The back half of the run was easier mentally but harder physically.  Around mile 8, I started to feel an occasional pinch in my left hamstring.  My knees were singing but there was no significant pain or weakness.  I took a Dailey Method class on Saturday and as the aches accumulated, I began to question that decision.  I don’t typically do anything the day before a long run but since I’d been on vacation and hadn’t taken class all week, I feared that I would be less flexible and more prone to injury during the run.  I intentionally took it easy during both thigh and seat sections of class, so as not to overly fatigue my legs.  How well this plan worked, I will share with y’all tomorrow.

Kelly Clarkson rallied me through mile 10 and before I knew it, I was running further than I ever had before.  This is where my stupidity began.

In an out-and-back, the red lines should probably OVERLAP.

See the little green pin?  That’s where I started.  See the 11 mile marker?  That’s nowhere near where I started.

As I was running on that inlet, I knew I was supposed to turn around at some point and run to the car but I guess I missed it?  Or something?  As I was running towards the edge of the inlet, I could see my car and thought I had just taken an alternate route.  Then I saw this:


I briefly considered getting some open water swim practice but I still had another half mile to run.  Kept trucking around the peninsula, laughing at my runner brain stupidity, and soon I WAS DONE.

Also on shopping list: headband.

The mile walk back to the car gave me a chance to inventory various aches and pains.  OhMyGodCalves.  I also got the chance to take some pics and text my VIP’s to let them know that I had survived.

This post has gotten epic.  Tomorrow I will share with you the physical aftermath of this run.  Sneak preview:  there was a lot of icing, some tears during foam rolling, and a bit of fear.


9 thoughts on “11 Miles

  1. TJ says:

    good on ya lady!!!

    Headbands are good; I cut the sleeves off t-shirts. Also I like visors, never run without them.

  2. Anna says:

    Great job and much better than my failed 11 miles yesterday (I was in pain so I guess it was fine to rest).
    I had that exact same moment of running the wrong way just a few weeks ago. So annoying! But I guess a walk in the end slows down the heart in a good way.

  3. Julie says:

    YOU RAN 11 MILES! You are officially ready for a half. Because if you can do 11, you can totally do two more. The race adrenaline carries you the rest of the way. And you have all these extra weeks? Psh, over-achiever. You’ve got this in the bag. Excellent time too!

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