As I mentioned in my last post, I had a mini-vacation earlier this week at my aunt’s house in southern California.  I spent as much time as possible here:

I am never going home.

While I never swam in any organized fashion, I was a total waterbaby as a child.   I first learned to swim on a family vacation to Hawaii and fun fact: KENNY G was in the pool.

My parents say he was very nice.

So smooth.

For several years, we had a membership to a pool club in a ritzier neighboring town.   When not making lanyards at choir camp (yes, that’s a thing and yes, I went every year), summer days were spent doing handstands and cannonballs.  And eating Otter Pops.

They were TEN CENTS. What a world…

I’ve been thinking for months about incorporating swimming into my fitness routine.  I love being in the water and I know it’s a fantastic low-impact, full-body workout.  One of my besties swims and I love hearing about her amazing workouts where she beats up the water like a sexy beast!  I’ve been deterred by not having a proper suit, being intimidated by pool etiquette, and having no technique whatsoever.

In my typical fashion, I did some swimming research before heading down to InfinityPoolHeaven.  I read some swimming workouts and watched a few videos.  I quickly realized that none of that information would mean anything until I got into the pool.

Pretty much Missy Franklin’s training partner. Beat it, Mikey.

I did several laps of different strokes with lots of breaks.  Breaststroke: YAY!  Backstroke: YAY!  Freestyle: Not summuch…

I loved being in the water!  Even though I don’t know what I’m doing, it feels surprisingly natural.  And hard.  I could immediately feel how challenging swimming could be.  I’m officially on the hunt for a training suit that will fit my oddly long torso.  Once I find one, I’m going to sign up for some swimming lessons.  I’d rather learn decent form right off the bat so I don’t waste time and energy swimming inefficiently.

So, swimming…..cycling….

Yes, I might have some goals beyond the half marathon.  😀

Any swimmers out there?  Bring on the tips!  



9 thoughts on “Swimming!

  1. Anna says:

    Not a swimmer, but I love that you are giving it a try/i
    My swimming is just that: breast-/backstroke no freestyle. I need to get lessons, that would help big-time. And then I want a proper bike but those things can be costly.
    Anyways, that pool looks soo nice in the first picture! Amazing view.

  2. Jenn K says:

    I love swimming and used to do it a lot. Unfortunately my gym doesn’t have a pool, but I’m thinking of dropping by Mill’s to get laps in. What a great workout!! Variety is the best!! Ever think about starting cycling with spin classes?

    • Shauna says:

      OOOH! Let’s go to Mills together and swim! That’s where I was eyeing too!

      I have definitely thought on and off about taking spin. It’s offered at 24 hour and I should just bite the bullet and do it. Something about spinning totally intimidates me!

  3. Swimming was my cardio of choice before I developed my budding love for running. 🙂 My husband (then-boyfriend), who used to teach kids to swim, taught me the different strokes about 10 years ago (wow!), because like you, I always loved the water but hadn’t ever done “real” swimming. Side stroke is my fave…you ever done that? I tend to switch between that and freestyle, because during side stroke I can breath freely, so it’s a bit of a rest. For freestyle, you want to angle your hand into the water, and then turn it so that you’re pushing the water down and behind you. Plane your hand up out of the water and repeat. It’s all about minimizing resistance as you enter and leave the water and maximizing resistance IN the water. Similarly for side stroke, you scoop the water from your forward hand and “pass” it to the rear hand and then push that ball of water down your body. That will all make more sense (I hope) when you get with a trainer/teacher and begin to do the strokes. 🙂 I use noseplugs still because I never quite got the hang of keeping water out of my nose, and the noseplugs let me concentrate on keeping my face in the water, which reduces resistance and keeps your neck from getting pinched. Also I love doing flip-turns, which I can’t begin to describe without you and me in the water together, so make sure you ask your trainer about learning those. (It’s a fast way of turning around at the end of the lane, and makes me feel really graceful and sleek in the water.)
    Good luck! I’m so excited for you!!

    • Shauna says:

      AWESOME tips, Rebecca! Thanks so much! I totally want to learn flip-turns but something tells me YouTube isn’t going to cut it. Time for swimmy lessons! 😀

  4. Celeste says:

    I used to swim competitively, and it remains my main source of cardio. Talk to me if you want tips or coaching.

  5. Julie says:

    I was just swimming over the weekend and had the same thought! I swam for cardio when I was first losing weight – about once a week, and I loved the noodle legs feeling it would give me. I have this weird issue where I won’t swim in a pool alone (or at least with no one around), but I hate sharing a lane – like I won’t do it. I’ll just wait until someone gets out because I’m too shy to just jump into someone’s lane. So somehow I got out of the habit and never got back in. I should! I think it’s a good way to change up the routine and maybe hit different muscle groups. And just my whimpy swim last weekend felt so good!

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