Heaven on Earth – Point Lobos, CA

What better way to spend a weekday than in one of the most beautiful places on earth:  Point Lobos, CA.

My beezy * * * Sonja * * *  is in town for another few days before heading back to resume MBA ass kicking in Michigan.  A couple years ago, she brought me to Point Lobos, an incredible coastal park next to Carmel, CA.  Miles of hiking with stunningly beautiful ocean views.

I Instagrammed a bunch of these but why?

Nature laughs in the face of filters.

(Exception:  I’ll totally Instagram my own face.)

Our hike was about 6 miles long and it felt wonderful.  There are a LOT of hills and stairs.  I don’t remember it being very strenuous last time but I’m sure I was a bit winded on the uphill portions.  This visit was effortless.  Yay heart and lungs!  Maybe there’s more hiking in my future?  Maybe without the Tom Sawyer folded up yoga pants?

I loved the black birds against this light rock.  None of these pictures even begin to do justice to the beauty of this place.

How incredible are these moonlike rock formations?  Sonja and I sort of couldn’t stop laughing and cursing at how amazing nature is.

Have I mentioned that I love this girl?  Nothing better than sharing a day in a beautiful place with a true friend.

Thanks, Point Lobos!  See your gorgeousness soon!


2 thoughts on “Heaven on Earth – Point Lobos, CA

  1. I haven’t explored Pt Lobos yet (even though it is in my neck of the woods), but if you want to check out a super cute organic farm while you are there, Earthbound farms is only about 6 miles north/east of Pt Lobos!

    My friend just took me there today and I got to sample some free food! During the summer they have different events each Saturday: food demonstrations, flower picking, nature walks etc…

    I plan on doing the Big Sur 9 Miler in the spring, and I think I will be running around Pt Lobos for that one! Love your picts!

  2. Julie says:

    Oooh, I wanna go there! I love hiking. And a ****ing love nature! *swoon!*

    Also? Carmel is the location of a place called “The Cheese Shop”. A shop that not only has a ton of cheese. GOOD CHEESE. But they give you samples. Of everything. Until you tell them to stop and give them all your monies. I heart that place…

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