A Morning of Firsts

This morning, for the first time, I ran in a sports bra.

My tummy is on the other side of the color wheel from my arms. Time to rectify.

It was awesome and breezy and I loved it.  I didn’t really feel like anyone was looking at me and honestly, who cares anyway?  I like to feel as close to naked as possible when I run and if people think my attire choice is questionable, they can pace me with a fan and atomized Evian.

More significantly, this morning marked my first earnest attempt at speed work.  I don’t have a time goal for the half but I thought I’d play around with my midweek training runs.  It’s fun to have new challenges and though I don’t need to hit a particular pace, it will certainly make those 13 miles easier, right?

I set out with the intention of doing the following intervals:

0.5 miles at a steady pace


Rinse, repeat…

Cool plan, Bro.

As you can see, mission was accomplished for the first half of the run.  The second half, not so much…

The weather was absolutely perfect for this type of run.  It was overcast, cool, and I was nearly naked.  When I set off on the first “fast” interval, I FELT LIKE LOLOALLYSONSANJACARMELITA SUPERWOMAN.  It felt great to really run and I look forward to when I can sustain that pace without my heart exploding out of my mouth.  It wasn’t really that bad but I found myself bargaining and wanting to change plan as soon as I slowed down from the first fast interval.  I debated dropping the second fast interval but once it came up, I went for it and pushed through.

When the running robot told me to speed up a third time, I obeyed for about 0.10 of a mile before I dropped back to a significantly slower run.  My heart rate just never came down to a comfortable level.  It was a serious struggle to keep running the remaining mile and a half.  I abandoned the speed goal and just focused on NOT QUITTING.  When I was prompted to speed up for the last quarter mile, I gave it what I had.

It’s important to know what it feels like to run tired.  To run when you want to stop.  To run when you’ve “failed” (though I don’t at all consider this workout a failure).  I loved finding a new way to push myself today.  Clearly, I needed to either run the fast intervals slower, shorten them, or lengthen the recovery time.  I will surely try all of these things but I will also use this workout as a way to measure improvement, as I have with my regular 5k runs.

Doing it.

YAY SPEED WORK!  What’s your favorite kind?  Tell me about how your speed has increased over time!


10 thoughts on “A Morning of Firsts

  1. Anna says:

    That`s a great start to speed training, good job! May I ask where you got that pretty sports bra? I love the colors and shape!

  2. Julie says:

    I keep thinking I should do interval training, since it’s supposedly the best kind of exercise. I just…don’t. I hate the feeling of the fast AND the slow. Haha.

    Also? I hate to admit it because jealousy is so negative, but I am SO JEALOUS of your stomach. I will never ever have a flat stomach. My body just isn’t built that way. I’ve got the little pooch. Totally got great muscles and whatnot, they’re just all covered by skin and my completely healthy amount of body fat. *sigh*

  3. You totally have the body to run in a cute sports bra! I feel fine wearing short spandex shorts, but really self conscious about running in a sports bra… especially since I’m super white and I would probably blind the people I ran by…

  4. Sue says:

    Speedwork or track or repeats and I are not BFFs for sure! I always, 100% of the time, pick up some injury I do it. So I’ve modified that to be “run faster”, “speed up”, “slot in fast miles/km intervals” in my regular runs.

  5. Joanna says:

    You inspired me! I did my first run in a sports bra! I am very white and don’t have your cute flat tummy, but it was hot, and I didn’t give a sh*t.

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