Last night I had a dream in which I had a dream that I had knee pain.

I did not cut and paste that incorrectly.

In my dream, I was trying to figure out if I had dreamed that I had knee pain or actually did.  I thought I was awake (in the dream) until I woke up and realized that an Inception thing was happening.  In the dream, I also consoled some A-list celebrity on her breakup while walking through a sand dune.  I also just remembered that I was trying to find a podcast of Fresh Air with cast members from Six Feet Under and I think I got to listen to Frances Conroy!

Welcome to my subconscious.  Totally don’t blame you for wanting to run away as fast as you can.

I can trace back every element of this dream so of my dreams, it’s actually one of the less baffling ones:

* Right before bed, I read that Robert Pattinson had spoken in vague terms to Jon Stewart about his cheating girlfriend.  They shared ice cream.  I’m sure ice cream was also in my dream and I just don’t remember.  Also, I read that Jennifer Aniston is marrying Justin Theroux (who was on Six Feet Under!)  The celeb in my dream was an Anistonesque.

* Justin Theroux clearly planted the SFU seed but I also listened to two old episodes of Fresh Air yesterday while I was icing my knee and foam rolling.  Love me some Terry Gross.  One with Dean Norris (Breaking Bad) and one with a dude who is an expert on Paul Ryan and was fairly certain that Romney would distance himself from Ryan.  If by “distance” you mean, make him president instead, then yes!  You are correct!

* Yesterday, I had some pain in my right knee.  My body mostly felt good considering that I RAN TEN MILES but I did have some twinges of discomfort.  Nothing some ice and some seriously painful minutes on the foam roller couldn’t alleviate.

See, I’m not crazy!

In other news, my delightful life companion bought me an ENTIRE BOX of Larabars on Amazon.  It feels like Whole Foods up in here.

The look. Of love.

Any weird dreams lately?  Are your weird dreams as traceable as this one was?


2 thoughts on “Subconscious

  1. Anna says:

    You can buy Lärabar on Amazon? I had no idea! I have yet to try them but this might just be the ultimate option!
    Love the dream story 😉 I had some pretty crazy dreams lately to. I seem to go through phases with them and right now is one of the more extreme ones.

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