Back to Basics

Good morning, Internets!

I can’t believe it – I’m actually caught up with Olympic coverage!  I’ve had a jam-packed work week that required me to commute about 2 hours each way.  No time for teevee!  On Sunday, I had a marathon viewing (including, of course, the women’s marathon) where I managed to get through like 20 hours of DVR’d coverage in about 5 hours.  Let’s not open the can of worms that is NBC’s Olympics coverage.  As I said to a friend, “what is the opposite of NAILING IT?”  That’s what they’re doing.

Anyhoo.  So,  I’ve been carrying this weird weight for about a month (about 5-6lbs up from my lowest weight of 128).  Historically, carbs cause weight gain for me but I’ve struggled a lot with hunger and it seemed like I might need to add them in.  This has meant more sandwiches (on wheat), more fruit, and more sweet potato fries.  I’ve felt a bit better but the weight hasn’t budged.  I decided to go back to basics – protein and veggies for my evening meal.  At dinnertime, there are no more activities to fuel so maybe the strategy that has worked so well for me in the past seems logical.

After two days of carbless dinners, I lost 3lbs!

Can I get a resounding DUH?!

This has always worked for my body in the past but the last month has been so weird!  The long period delay really shook the confidence I had in my food choices.  With so many tummy problems, pain, and confusion, I thought my body’s needs had completely changed.  All the articles I’ve read about nutrition and pictures of bloggers eating pasta didn’t help either.  One thing that has changed is that if I let myself get hungry, I get terrible acidic feelings in my tummy.  Just always need to have food with me!

The weight loss is a tremendous relief.  I look THE SAME of course, and I know that.  I’m relieved to know that there’s nothing wrong with my body, metabolism, or training.  It’s a relief to know that my body will respond predictably to my choices.  Phew!

I was majorly rattled when my body was being unpredictable.  How do y’all deal with confusing physical changes?


2 thoughts on “Back to Basics

  1. Julie says:

    I am not dealing well! I just took a month of hormones that resulted in my breaking out in horribly embarrassing and painful acne and my womb bulged out to the point where my husband kept jokingly asking if I was pregnant. Oh, and I gained 5+ lbs. And I didn’t get my period. And my doctor just told me there’s nothing more she can do. wtf?

    Anyway, good for you for trying new things, but ultimately listening to your body! Everyone is different. Some people seem to do well on complex carbs, some don’t. I need some, like more than you, I think. But I if I’m talking proportions, I try and keep it low. So like 1/2 fruits & veggies, 1/3 protein, and the rest cards and whatever. So I don’t generally do sandwiches because it puts my pie chart plate all outta whack. :p Ok, sometimes I do sandwiches. And they’re delicious. 🙂

  2. Jenn K says:

    Every body is different! Glad you found what works for you 🙂 I know I need more cardio in my routine so I started running once a week on top of my weekly spin class and regular bits of cardio with weight training. I’m going to work my way to running twice a week.

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