It is brought

Happy Tuesday!  Watch this:

I’m obsessed.

Yesterday, I mentioned to the TDM Piedmont studio manager that classes haven’t made me sore in quite awhile.  Her response:

“You’re not working hard enough.”

And of course, my little nutso brain goes:


So, I went to class yesterday and BROUGHT IT.  In some areas, I really have the capacity to push myself to a new level.  The abdominal sets are always hard but that’s one of my stronger areas.  I can take the more challenging options, look like I’m working really hard and kind of skate by.  Yesterday, I made things much more difficult by fully engaging my abdominal muscles the *entire time*.  The hard part about this is not letting them release on inhalation.  I just focused on allowing the back of my ribs to stretch while keeping my front abdominal wall solidly engaged.  I actually feel a bit of sensation in my abs today!  I also brutalized my triceps and those HURT today.

My biggest success was in seat (butt) work.  We were doing one of the more challenging sets – foldover.

Bend – REACH!

Seat work has historically been the most difficult for me.  The positions are awkward and I think my glutes were pretty weak when I started.  Foldover has always been particularly hard.  In the above image, the women are working their left legs (the ones off the floor).  It’s pretty tricky in foldover to keep the effort out of your standing leg.  As you attempt to work the one off the ground, the supporting leg gets so fatigued.  That always frustrated me because I knew I wasn’t getting the full glute workout as a result.   Yesterday, something just clicked!  All the effort was in  my working leg, I was able to keep my head and neck relaxed and it BURNED in my butt!  Wooooooo!

Happy booty dance!

It felt good to push through some challenges yesterday.  There’s a lot of room for growth in my Dailey Method practice.  Bring it!

Do you ever go through the motions?  How do you reignite the spark?


One thought on “It is brought

  1. Julie says:

    OMG, foldover is the best and worst! It’s unbelievably awkward to try and shift your weight off your standing leg while not straining your shoulders and neck with a death grip on the bar. I have no clicked yet. Do not get it. But the good news is I had NO ass coming in to this, so even with the work on the standing leg, I’m still hella sore the next day. So I guess as long as I’m working back there somehow, right? It’s amazing how FAST the changes in my seat are noticeable. I’ve done, what, 6 classes now? And my husband has pointed out he can allllmost see a booty on me. Woohoo!

    That’s definitely the awesome and hard thing about TDM. It’s as hard as you make it. So if you’re not properly motivated, you can just skate by. Motivation is easily the hardest part of any workout, in my opinion. I usually do like you did and just challenge myself. I’m straight up mean to myself. And I think about the burger and beers I’ll be having for dinner that night, or how I don’t like how my thighs look in the mirror and I think “if you don’t like it, here’s your chance to change it!”

    Being sore is the best thing ever. 🙂

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