I am feeling the olympics this year!

Last night, my Englishman and I ordered a ginormous pizza (BACON) and settled in for the festivities.

Yes, Lola. We ate it all.


I hate to admit it but I was a bit skeptical about Britain’s ability to put on a spectacular opening ceremony.



I’m still full of pizza but I will make room in my tummy to eat my skeptical words.  I thought it was a WONDERFUL opening ceremony.  I loved the transition from agrarian life to the industrial revolution.  It was a very moving reminder of England’s contributions to the development of the Western world.

Forging the Olympic ring. LOVED this.


The shout out to children’s literature and socialized health care was lovely too.  Was kind of hoping someone would get taken out by a Poppins.

Mr. F…


I have to say, the NBC commentary was really irritating.  It was so MR. OBVIOUS that it sounded like a radio broadcast.  Yes, I can see that they’re wearing yellow dresses.  I’m…watching….it.

While we’re being critical of NBC, can I just ask what the f*ck is up with their televising schedule?  Should the most anticipated events be delayed?  I know it’s a really challenging problem but I can’t see how delaying every event is the best solution.  It’s mid-day on Saturday and my options are Fencing and US vs. Croatia Women’s Basketball.  Meanwhile, I just found out the results of the Men’s 400 IM on Facebook.  Would have preferred to watch it.  Thanks…

Anyway, back to the opening ceremony.  One moment I wouldn’t have minded missing was thiiiiiiiiiis:

What now?


It’s epicly long but I enjoy the parade of nations (Czech rain boots/bike shorts not withstanding).  The official count of countries I had never heard of: 13.  That’s excluding countries younger than me.

Woke up this morning and assumed my position on the couch.  I imagine I’ll be doing some semblance of this for the next two weeks:

Merlin got squished.


Nothing is more inspiring to me than passionate excellence.  Every time PRIDE crosses an athlete’s face, I become a gushy mess.  Is anything more special than watching someone fulfill their lives purpose?

Are you watching #London2012?  What events are you most looking forward to?  Any ideas on how the Czech team could look more, ahem,  current or NBC could make its viewers less, ahem,  frustrated?


6 thoughts on “#Olympics

  1. Aspire says:

    I loved the Opening Ceremony which was surprising as living in London (very close to Olympic Park and three other venues for The Games I have spent the last few months very frustrated as I have tried to get around etc.

    Amazing how once you are away from the chaos and they have actually started,and you can see the athletes and watch their performances and the satisfaction and pride radiating off them, you forget all the frustrating build up!!!

    Loving watching the gymnastics….oh to be that strong and flexible.

  2. Hahaha, my mom said the same thing about being skeptical about London putting on a good opening ceremony! I unfortunately do not have cable, so I couldn’t watch the opening ceremony, but my mom helped me figure out a way for me watch nbc live online. (still waiting for them to put up full ceremony!).

    This morning I watched Women’s Soccer (as a former soccer player myself) USA vs Columbia (I wrote a post about it) and we won! Also watched women’s indoor volleyball USA vs Korea (again, we won!)

    Go Team USA girl power!

    I’ll probably also watch gymnastics, swimming, water polo and triathalon events 🙂

  3. Marina says:

    You think NBC was annoying during the opening ceremonies… The BBC guy was nonstop yammering blatantly obvious facts. “The children are jumping on the beds.” “The men are swinging hammers.” “Mr. Bean is making a funny joke.” It actually made me miss cheesy Bob Costas!

    And, like Aspire commented above, I’ve been dreading the whole thing as it is making local life difficult (to say the least), but then I see those athletes and I’m totally swept away!

    • Shauna says:

      They were doing the same things here re: “the kids are jumping on beds!” At points, I could not believe what I was hearing; it was so idiotic.

      I imagine it’s a nightmare trying to get around. Even in a city with such excellent public transit. I can’t imagine if the games were held here in the Bay Area!

  4. Anna says:

    I absolutely loved the ceremony but (there is a but) I`m not sure I personally think they couldn`t have done better. I`m sure that especially for those who are from Great Britain it must have been wonderful. As a foreigner who doesn`t know too much about the countries History (of course I know about the industrialization, etc) it took me a little longer to get everything. At first I wasn`t sure what the importance of the children`s hospital was, for example. I did like it though and after reading up on the traditional background and other peoples comments it was clearer.
    I loved the “british humor” and I thought it was clear enough for anyone to understand. Honestly my favorite part was the appearance of “Mr Bean”.
    Just one thing I was wondering about: how well could people in the stadium see all the details (did they get the “TV view” on the screen, too?) and most importantly how easy was it for them to understand the jumps from movies to acting and back?

    What I disliked most was my own countries – Germany`s – outfit. Pink and baby blue? We had pink and grey in China and it was already ugly but this? I did love the rain boots, though.
    And finally, I think it`s weird how they would delay such events as the olympics. But it`s always only about the quota.

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