50 Things That Make Me Really Happy

  1. My dude!
  2. Michelle Obama arms!
  3. Running!
  4. Hugs!
  5. Reading!
  6. Being near water!
  7. House Hunters!
  9. My dad!
  10. Surprising myself with new badass physical accomplishments!
  11. Teaching voice!
  12. Running faster, further, stronger, better, easier!
  13. Taking a lovely photograph!
  14. Pizza!
  15. Paris!
  16. Living in the Oakland!
  17. Making music with my amazing friends and colleagues!
  18. Going to the airport for a vacation!
  19. Monique L’huillier’s incredible lace bridal gowns!
  20. Thomas Keller!
  21. The 2-D Effect of the San Francisco Skyline as You Come Across the Bay Bridge!
  22. My Cats!  Lola!  Merlin!
  23. The Dailey Method!
  24. Restaurant meals!
  25. Going to see my hometown team – the Oakland ATHLETICS!
  26. Sunscreen smell!
  27. Marathon and triathlon recaps!
  28. Grapefruit-scented things!
  29. Snorting laughing!
  30. Long friendships!
  31. Smile-induced eye crinkling!
  32. iPhone!
  33. Quoting my favorite movies/shows/YouTube videos ad nauseum!
  34. Yoga!
  35. Witnessing incredible singing!
  36. Writing!
  37. Sitting around in a towel for hours after a shower!
  38. Cookies and Cream ice cream!
  39. The Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest on ESPN!
  40. My Dad being cancer-free since 2005!
  41. The smell of Hawaii!
  42. Blankets!
  43. Christmas tree light!
  44. Pork Belly Bao from Chairman Bao!
  45. Fancy concert gowns!
  46. My neon funfetti Asics!
  47. Trashy magazines!
  48. Inspiration!
  49. Discovering a new and perfect workout song!
  50. Getting past falling in love and settling into being in love!


    51.  Comments!  If you read this, pleeeease tell me one thing that makes YOU really happy!  


14 thoughts on “50 Things That Make Me Really Happy

  1. Tonia says:

    1) This post
    2) Singing anything by Bach, Monteverdi, or Byrd

    (Yeah, that’s two things. I can never pick just one!)

  2. TJ says:

    Fresh peaches!

  3. JenJ says:

    The smell of freshly mown grass!

  4. Aspire says:

    1- My growing good health
    2- My slow but steady weight loss
    4 Being able to run farther, faster and more comfortably every day
    5 Blogs that inspire and motivate
    6 Summer Holidays

  5. Julie says:

    The thing that would have been like #3 on my list: chocolate. Chocolate makes me happy. Also? Besides the obvious (my husband, dog, family, etc.).

    Wine & craft beer
    Jimbo’s grocery store (it’s like Whole Foods, but locally owned and smaller)
    clean sheets
    cute boots
    My Shun knife

    Hey, this is fun!

  6. any song from my top 20 list that plays randomly anywhere- especially the less known ones.

  7. Anna says:

    Crossing a finish line, maybe, that`s a bigger thing, but mixing chocolate and vanilla ice cream would be a close second!
    Love the list, thanks for sharing!

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