Habitual Eating and Lärabar/Kit’s Organic Smackdown

Those closest to me know that my eating is nothing if not habitual.

Typical conversation with the woman who answers the phone at Fountain Garden:

I’ve never actually been inside.

Lady:  Fountain Garden – May I help you?

Me:  Uh, hi.  Could I please place an order for delivery?

Lady: Phone number?

Me: 555-blahblahblahblah

Lady:  Ahyeah. (she sounds disappointed)  The same?

Me:  ……..yeah, thanks.

Lady: Same card?

Me:  Yeah, thank you.

Lady: Ahokay…[hangs up the phone while she’s still speaking]

As soon as she hears my phone number and realizes who I am, she literally mumbles and hangs up on me as quickly as possible.  Is the BBQ Pork Won Ton Soup worth the humiliation?  If I don’t have to put on pants to procure it, YUP.

Once, after a two week absence, she perked up: “Long time, no see!  You on vacation?!”  Sigh.

You know what, I don’t have to defend myself to you people.  I like soup!

I wish I could say this was an isolated relationship but I have a long and intimate history with food servers.  The In-N-Out people would affirm my order (two cheeseburgers, plain.  Large Diet Coke.  No fries.) before I’d even finished rolling down the car window.  Yikes.

Those were the days…

My grocery shopping is just as…..consistent.  If not more so.  I’d say for the last year, with maybe 5 exceptions, I’ve had a Lärabar every morning for breakfast.  Apple Pie or Chocolate Coconut.  I love that they don’t have any weird ingredients like rice syrup (wtf?) or whatever it is in Cliff bars that make me feel like I have wet cement in my bellah.  Fruit and nuts.  Carbs and fat.  Perfect breakfast!

Sidenote: I also eat a lot of pre-made chicken meatballs from the deli case.  Not only does the deli guy know I want a large container of meatballs but he recognized my dude and assumed he wanted them when he went in *without me*.  Awkward.  I’ve also realized that I eat a wide range of foods in compressed form.   A little weird, no?  Bars, meatballs, turkey burgers…

So, the other day, I was filling my basket with bars and I noticed that Cliff Bar has come out with a line of fruit and nut bars called Kit’s Organic.  Jumping on the Lära/Kind bandwagon, I suppose.  There was a chocolate flavor with almost identical ingredients to my beloved Chocolate Coconut Chew but with the intriguing addition of coconut oil and sea salt.  I looooooooove desserts with sea salt so even at $1.79 a bar, a smackdown was in order.

It’s a walk-off.

It was not necessary to do a side by side tasting because I’ve had the Lärabar about 14 kagillion times.  I did, however, take a side by side photo.  On my leg.  So profesh!

I chooooooose….BOTH!

My first impression of the Kit’s Organic bar was that it tasted like a BROWNIE!  The texture was also more consistent throughout.  I personally think this even texture makes it look and taste less like real food.

So compressed. So tasty.

The nuts in a Lärabar (Ugh, enough with the ä’s already!) are whole and I like that each bite has a slightly different texture.  Still, the Kit’s bar was delicious.  It’s a bit more expensive but it might end up in the rotation.  Look at me, growing!  There is also a berry flavor I’m interested in trying.  They also make Peanut Butter flavor and Cashew flavor.  Neither of which I will be trying.  Not a fan of peanut butter or cashews.

Okay, any other habitual eaters out there?  Anyone else not have to order because the server knows what you want already and it’s kind of embarrassing but kind of makes you feel like a VIP?  Holla!


9 thoughts on “Habitual Eating and Lärabar/Kit’s Organic Smackdown

  1. Tonia says:

    Haven’t gotten teased by hubby, but there was that one time a “helpful” server informed me that if I ordered a Caesar salad without dressing it wouldn’t be a Caesar salad. Because the romaine and shaved parmigiano don’t count, apparently.

  2. Julie says:

    Haha, Tonia! That server may have a point, but did you “helpfully” inquire how else he was supposed to take your order for ___ salad? Is he a mind reader?

    I USED to be a habitual orderer. I won’t say my horizons have broadened, so much as I just eat out less. The guy at my local Rubios learned my name and order at one point. I’m definitely the kind of person who will order the same thing at a place. Because it’s the best thing, so why order something not as good? But I’ve also discovered some places that have a lot of best things. Like my local Gastropub has like 5 awesome burgers. So I always get a burger w/ a side of spicy broccolinni (how awesome is that?!), but I’ll change up the burger sometimes.

    Oh, and growing up when my mom would travel for work me and my dad would always go to the same sushi place in Berkeley. They knew us there. When I went off to college and my parents went, the owner asked how I was doing, etc. etc. Hehe. I think it’s not pathetic at all. More like lending a sense of community.

    Compressed foods! I’ve never heard of this inclination. Love it! My husband says I love “baby food” because I make everything a puree – soups, dips, spreads, pestos, sauces. It goes right back to my grandmother always claiming I didn’t like meat because I was too lazy to chew.

  3. I have that same experience at Starbucks… they start writing my order on the cup before I say anything. Sometimes it’s cool because if you are a few ppl deep in line, they can sneak it in early. Other times, it can be embarrassing. Also, sometimes I like to switch it up and on more than one occasion I have taken something that I originally didn’t want. Eh. Good and bad.

    Now I want to try that soup. 🙂

    • Shauna says:

      I do appreciate the VIP status, at times but it is TOTALLY inconvenient when you want to mix it up! Or when you also want to order egg rolls…

      • Julie K. says:

        I wish I could use my toddler as an excuse for our limited diet, but my picky vegetarian husband and myself don’t really have much variety in our diet either.
        We buy the same items at Trader Joe’s every week. Alex makes himself the same lunch everyday (sandwich and carrots and some sort of of fruit). Jackson has his rotation of specific foods that he eats during the week with me trying to sneak in new vegetables here and there. I eat greek yogurt with fruit every morning, a salad at lunch, and one of four dinners I make on a regular basis for dinner.
        I was eating Think Thin bars for breakfast for awhile, but they aftertaste gets to you after awhile.
        Basically living and eating with you everyday through school makes me fully understand your pension for habitual eating. I am just thrilled by what you eat now, even if is everyday 🙂

  4. Jenn K says:

    Me!!! I order the same thing all the time at regular places. I’m so predictable, Ron always calls out what I will order – even at a new place. And now I need to try Larabars 😉

  5. Anna says:

    Wow, I`ve never had anyone recognize me in any food places so far. We do have a restaurant where we automatically get a discount by now, though!
    I need to get my hands onto some Lärabars, though, I have never tried them but I am really intrigued!!

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