Why yesterday’s “easy” 3 mile run sucked so, so, SO MUCH:

*  Lead legs.

(Oh hai 2.5 hours of Dailey Method and yoga on Monday…)

*  First mile on a trail that ended up being SAND.  Maintained regular 5k pace at heart rate I *never* feel in the first mile.

*  Get off the sand and begin to run into a headwind so strong, IT LIFTED MY BRAID STRAIGHT BACK.  This continued for the next mile and a half until I’d just straight up had enough.

*  Turned around and sprinted back a half mile to my car just so it would be over.

Good:  Maintained 5k pace in a really tough workout.  Negative split, despite being exhausted from nearly the beginning of the run.  Got a good little calf workout.

Bad: Well, nothing!  Now that it’s over…


2 thoughts on “Tough

  1. Way to find the positive in a sucky workout. That is some intense wind, and yeah this seems like a perfect storm of difficulty. Way to stick it out, though. I got a fun visual of you, at the turnaround point, with this “f*** this!” look on your face as you decide to sprint. 😛

  2. […] I have NO IDEA where this 5k PB came from.  Can we please note that my full 3rd mile was 8:20.  Who is this speed demon?  Surprising myself is seriously my favorite thing.  I just can’t believe that these training runs keep getting faster.  Even the crappy ones. […]

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