Half a Half

Happy Monday, y’all!

Fresh off my cycling victory, I got the chance at another first yesterday: 6.5 miles!

My hair is back really tight! For aerodynism! That’s a thing!

I kinda like the confidence boost of adding on mileage to my regular routes (Alameda and Lake Merritt).  Rather than loop the lake twice+, I looked up the distance between my Dailey Method studio and Lake Merritt.  Turns out it’s just what I needed to turn my regular 3.1 mile run into the 6.5 on today’s training plan.

Ate back those calories about an hour later.

Driving to the TDM studio, I realized that I was going to have a loooooooong steady incline at the end of my run.  Yeah, that was sure to suck.

Parked at the studio, used their bathroom (thanks TDM!), and was off!

Can’t I just take class? I’ll keep my heels really high! I promise!

The aforementioned incline gave me a lovely downhill start.  My goal was to stay slow and steady.  With every run, this objective becomes a bit more difficult but as the distance increases, it will become more and more important.  I did a fairly good job and thank goodness because that last half mile was pretty damn tough.

I was pleased that I kept my splits even and actually sped up at the end, despite the hill!  The first couple miles were interesting since I’ve driven that route a million times but never walked or run it.  It was cool to reach the lake and feel like I had an easy and predictable 3 miles ahead of me.  The last couple miles back to my car were tiring but very doable.

Wanted to run slowly. Mission accomplished.

It was a great and exhausting run.  I can’t believe I’m halfway to a half marathon!  I was pretty fatigued around mile 5 and had a wave of concern about my ability to run 13.1 miles.  Then I remembered that I’m 7 weeks into a 19 week training plan.

Got this.

How were everyone’s long runs this weekend?


5 thoughts on “Half a Half

  1. You are amazing. I wish I had something witty to add. Oh! I hope this makes you smile as much as you make me smile every time I read your blog.
    I injured my ankles back in … May? It was shortly after my first comment on your blog, because I was only a couple weeks into C25K when it happened. So I took 6 weeks off that extended out to last Friday, lol. I had done a few walks, but…a lot of life stuff happened and I’m just a procrastinator by nature anyway, so…I fell out of doing it.
    Well, on Friday my husband and I had a fight over the phone (he’s in another State working a new job while I’m here with the kids, trying to get our affairs in order for us all to be living together again), and I just suddenly had the urge to RUN. I found myself resenting my kids (just a little) because I couldn’t just change and GO. But we were out the door within 20 minutes – practically a miracle in this house, lemme tell ya – and they were strapped into our only-twice-used jogging stroller. It was about 5 pm, and as usual in SC, sticky-humid. I put on my C25K program on my iTouch and MapMyRun on my phone and set out. It was weird trying to do the running segments with the stroller, but I played with my stride and posturing and whatnot. I took a route through our subdivision I’ve never taken before, and discovered we DO have a couple hills here! 😛 I finished the 30 minutes of the workout, but wasn’t home yet, so I started the program again. It was at about this point I was wondering why in the hell I’d thought this was a good idea, and also why the hell I’d ever STOPPED doing my runs, because it was so much harder now with the stroller and the heat and the out-of-shape-ness. And then I thought of you, Shauna. I thought of your story of struggling through and what victory you felt your first time around Lake Merritt, and that now you were well on your way to running your first half-marathon, and more importantly: you were feeling more brave and strong, and more content than ever before and that you now LOVED running. I thought of you there encouraging me on through the last several running segments (60 seconds sure feels like forever sometimes). I ran/walked 2.38 miles in 52 minutes, and before Friday the longest I’d ever gone was 1.33 miles in 33 minutes. It was hard, and I’m still a little sore in my calves and groin lol, but I’m so glad I did it. The last two mornings I’ve drug myself out of bed to do my yoga before the boys are up, too.
    So, yeah. Thanks for getting me through. Just by being you and by sharing yourself with me over the internet. You rock.

    • (btw, sorry I repeated myself a bit from your “Scan” post…I’d forgotten I’d already mentioned my long run and previously-injured ankles.)

    • Shauna says:

      I love this SO MUCH, I can’t even tell you, Rebecca!

      BRAVA on your run!! It’s amazing that you didn’t let any of the easy excuses (kids, ankle injury, stressful conversation, etc) deter you AND you did an amazing workout! I’m really moved that you thought of me during your run. It inspires me to do more, wrote more and share more.

      Lots of love from over here!!

      • lol, the stressful conversation is what *motivated* it! I’m trying to make that mean that I can now use exercise to destress, instead of it meaning that I literally wanted to run away. 😛
        And yes, please do continue to write and share more!! Doing more I think is unstoppable at this point; you’ve got so much momentum going, and a great structure/routine to keep that momentum up!

  2. I’m still ‘out of comission’ from my knee/hamstring injury. I have my first PT session tomorrow and I hope things go well and that I can start running again. last sunday I did 5.2 miles in 50 min and i hope I can get back up to that mileage within a couple weeks. My half is in October and I’m so frustrated being injured!!!! Take it easy out there and stretch, stretch, stretch!

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