Yesterday, I learned to ride a bike.

I am 29.

Last weekend, my buddy Sonja and I took a walk along the Alameda Shoreline.  We noticed a dude renting beach cruisers and I knew it was inevitable:  I was going to ride a bike.

The weather yesterday was beautiful.  The perfect day to begin my journey to becoming the winner of the Tour de France.

Needing some pre-cycling fuel, we hit up the most delicious food truck ever to come into existence.

It’s just so f*cking GOOD.

Chairman Bao’s PORK BELLY BAO is one of the most amazing things I have ever tasted.  They’re technically “The Chairman” now because Eddie Huang sued them and trademarked the name “Chairman Bao” (which he already had on his menu).  Really dude?  Anyway, they’ll always be Chairman Bao to me.

Bellies full of belly, we headed over to the the cruiser stand: Pedal Beach.

Wanna be friends?

The ladies who rented us the bike were super cool and friendly.  They were very supportive of my endeavor and made sure to give me a SUPER LOW cruiser that would allow me to put my feet on the ground every 0.04 seconds.  She gave me the choice between two helmets and obviously I chose the white one that matched so I would look like a professional cyclist.

Safety first.

After signing a very necessary waiver, we headed to the shoreline.  Warning: this first video will probably make you throw up.

The first 15 minutes were really awkward.  Sonja is officially an incredible cycling coach/videographer.  She held me up, even when I seemed hell-bent on turning the bike right into her supportive body.  Initially, I kept finding myself falling over to the left.  There was quite a bit of scooting along before I was able to get my feet on the pedals.

I rode a bit on the less populated end of the shoreline before we spied a big, quiet parking lot.  I was much more confident with more space around me and less children/squirrels/runners who really did not deserve to die.

Cycling = Over the Shoulder Pictures with your Feet on the Ground.


I practiced breaking A LOT, as evidenced by this videographic gem:

After innumerable shrieks of “I AM THE BEST CYCLIST IN THE WORLD!”, we headed back to the shoreline.

Pretty impressed by my ability to ride and ring my bell simultaneously ifIdosaysomyself.

Once I got comfortable, I absolutely LOVED riding.  I can see how this could be come majorly addicting.

A HUGE thank you to the adorable women at Pedal Beach and to my amazing friend Sonja.

Love this beezy.

I’ve spent most of my life afraid of and unwilling to do things that scared me.  Hopping on a bike, making mistakes, giggling, and discovering something new to love is an incredible feeling.


When’s the last time you did something new and had a fantastic time?  Maybe it should be today!




  1. Jenn says:

    Yay!!! You’re so cute!

  2. Alexa (from SOTA) @ The Girl In Chucks says:

    Ahhhh! Fun! Must learn!

  3. Love the last picture where you are super stoked about riding the bike 🙂 Congrats!

  4. Catherine B.-L. says:

    yay!!! you did it!! Had no idea you didn’t know how to ride. glad you went out and jumped that hurdle. yay!!! awesome feeling, and you look so cute doing it!

  5. JenJ says:

    Congrats!!! You’ll never want to get in a car again! 😉

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