* It’s a blah day and I’m in a blah (and slightly anxious) mood.  All I can manage are bullet points.

* Gia at Run Gia Run wrote a great post about slowing down.  It spoke to me as my Tuesday and Thursday training runs keep getting a bit faster and I keep getting a bit more competitive with myself.  Yesterday, I made the conscious choice to slow down a bit and it was MUCH more challenging than pushing myself to speed up.  I realized that ever since I broke 10mm over 3 miles, I’ve been a bit afraid that if I slow down, I’ll lose that drive forever.  This fear of backsliding or losing positive momentum is one that defined my 15 years of yo-yo eating.  If I’m not perfect, will it all fall apart?

* Nope.  Nope it will not.

* Lots of tweeting ( @PNotPunishment ) this week.  I think I’ve finally gotten the hang of it.  I’m enjoying the massive linkage to articles I wouldn’t have seen otherwise.  I’m not enjoying having like 4 people follow me.  For some reason, sending out tweets that you know won’t be read feels more pathetic than unread blog posts.

* Finished the first season of Sons of Anarchy last night.  It’s good but the similarities to Justified only highlight SOA’s inferior writing and acting.  Still, I’m hooked enough to continue watching.


* Last night, I was so tired by the end of my Dailey Method class that I almost cried!  Most unfashionable.  I do not enjoy being a girl.

* Finally found shorts that I like and like me back but they just feel so….short.  I’ve been running in shorty running skirts and I’m sure I’m exposing more than these Lulu shorts would but they feel really bare.  I must just need to bite the bullet and get used to them.  Or maybe compression shorts are the way to go.  I just can’t imagine they won’t ride up after a lifetime of digging all clothing out of my butt.

* Lunch, teach, Dailey Method.  Three things that should cheer me up.

What do you guys do when you’re crankypotamus?


10 thoughts on “Blah

  1. It’s hard for me to wear tight running shorts because I too end up ‘digging clothing out of my butt”. The best thing for me to run in are long compression shorts or capris. No digging!!!

    • Shauna says:

      I’m loving my running skorts from Target. The shorty shorts are so short that they almost immediately wedge themselves under my butt and stay there. Probably horrifying for anyone unfortunate enough to be behind me but my quads look SEXY from the front so I don’t care.

  2. i like running in shorts. it shows off my legs and the hard work i’ve put in them. however, the digging can get annoying.

    i have a twitter account too and I KNOW someone out there is reading my tweets. that’s the only consolation i can offer- after years of having the account i only have 40-some followers. it does feel a bit pathetic :/


  3. Julie says:

    Tweeting is like mail. You have to send it to get it, but it’s not an instantaneous thing. Just focus on making connections w/ people and you’ll be surprised how many random people just find you.

    I love a good bulleted list. It’s how I know I’m supposed to be an engineer. It’s the only way to get my fellows to actually read anything I put in an email. If it’s got a bullet in front of it, it’s comprehendable.

    I don’t watch SOA, but Justified!!! Such a great show. I’m glad that every season is on par with the last. Maybe not in story, but in calibur of show.

    Try running in your short shorts. That’s the best way to see how they’ll work for you, right?

    Sounds like you’re feeling your feelings. Fear not, it will subside, never to be heard from again for 28 days. Ugh, what I wouldn’t give for a good burst of hormones right now! #stunted

  4. JenJ says:

    Hi cranky pants, best way to get over it? Go for a quick run, I promise it always works! Also, have you ever tried the Nike tempo shorts? They come in brilliant and bright colors. I have three pairs and LOVE them!!! And finally, I hear ya on the Twitter (lack of) love. You got one more follower! Hope your Sunday’s great. 🙂

  5. Found your blog through a friend on FB…I’m also a running fiend but I’ve lost my way living in dreary England (rain is NOT motivational) so I’m working to get back on track! I like your blog 😉

    As for twitter, the followers will come. It just takes a while. Joining chats on subjects you like will help make connections, as well as commenting on other blogs, and following people who seem interesting. I suggest tweeting at people when you follow them to say hi and why you followed. It’s all about the personal connections!

    My favorite running pants are my under armour capris. They are super lightweight, super flattering, and have a really soft, low cut waistband that is 10x more comfortable than those nasty high waisted things I see everyone wearing.

    • Shauna says:

      Thanks for reaching out, Marina! You’re absolutely right about Twitter. I’m just being silly and impatient.

      Yay for UnderArmour. I love the garments of theirs that I have and can usually find them in discount stores. Woo!

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