Every morning, the moment I wake up, I scan my body.


Hey, knees and ankles! Did I f*ck you up yet? No? SWEET.



This used to be the first thing I was aware of.  (I suppose this reveals quite a bit about my shifting priorities.)  I only tend to notice vocal discomfort or funkiness if I’ve eaten unhealthy food the night before. Most singers exhibit some symptoms of acid reflux. Luckily, mine only show up if I have pizza and ice cream at 9pm.  And sometimes, that happens.



My muscles are the only area in which I’m *hoping* to find discomfort.  If I’ve gone to Dailey Method the day before, I hope to feel some aching in my arms, abs, legs, and bootay.  If I don’t, I wonder if I could have pushed myself a bit harder in class.  The answer is probably always “yes.”


Belly Bloat:

I’m fortunate not to carry any weight in my abdomen

::ducking as you all throw heavy things at my face.  Nice try!!::

Since it’s pretty um, flat, it’s the window to my food intake and my hormones.  For example, last night after eating three pieces of deep dish pizza (SO WORTH IT), I looked like I was in my second trimester.  I was carrying really high.  It’s a boy pizza.

Scanning the front of my body honestly helps guide my food choices for the day.  If I’m super bloaty, I’ll avoid things the foods that contribute to my bloating.



Is it a happy day?  Am I anxious about anything on the horizon?  Am I psyched about my workout or my students or my three pieces of deep dish pizza I’m going to eat?


Welcome to the inner workings of my somewhat obsessive mind.

Anyone else scan themselves when they wake up?


3 thoughts on “Scan

  1. Sarah says:

    I don’t scan myself, but today I decided it was time to take a good, honest, appraising look at myself in the full-length mirror. My aunt, an interior decorator, strategically hung it across the hall from my bathroom. As a result, I close the door to the bathroom when I shower so that I don’t accidentally catch a glimpse of my naked body. But today I put on the cute Roxy bikini I bought in Hawaii seven years ago when I weighed less than I ever have as an adult (I think I was in the high 120s). I took a picture, so that I can remind myself what I’m working away from. Now if only I had a good picture from that trip to Hawaii to know what I’m working toward…

  2. With the boys needing stuff from me from minute one of being awake (they’re 4 and almost-2), and me not waking up a minute earlier than I have to lol, I don’t have time to scan upon waking. It’s more like discovering things as they make themselves known throughout the morning and day. 🙂 I’m sore today, (and yes it’s nice to look forward to that!) because I did my first walk/run yesterday in weeks, and it was longer than anything I’ve done before – 2.38 miles! All morning I’ve been monitoring my ankles, since the reason I stopped was that I injured them, and they seem fine, so that’s good.
    The last week or so I’ve been monitoring my sickness level, as I’ve had a cold. This morning was pretty good; almost done! I scan my bladder, too…if I don’t have to pee REALLY bad first thing, I’m clearly dehydrated.
    I think it’s good to have body awareness, and I love that you have the emotional aspect too. It can make the difference between being the victim of your moods and being prepared to work around them. 🙂

    • Shauna says:

      Congratulations on the run Rebecca! Whenever my joints are “singing” to me (not hurting but making their presence known), I ice as a preventative measure. Maybe not the worst idea if you’ve had ankle issues in the past?

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