Friends with Benefits

You like that sexy, suggestive title. Don’t you? Don’t you….?

Yesterday, I had two different and wonderful workout experiences with two different and wonderful friends!

In the morning, I met up with my fabulous friend Tonia for a walk around the lake. I have referenced her phenomenal weight loss (70lbs!) in the past on this blog. She’s venturing into the fitness realm and is inching towards starting the Couch to 5k! She has been tremendously supportive of me as I have both lost weight and begun to push myself athletically. She vividly remembers the physical and emotional difficulty of my early Dailey Method classes and was always down to get sweet potato fries after a particularly tough class. Good friend, she is.

As we g-chatted our plans the night before, I told her to “emotionally prepare herself for some VERY BRIEF and VERY SLOW running intervals during our morning walk.” A “couch to couch to 5k”, I called it. She hesitantly agreed, likely figuring that I would forget by morning. Tonia knows that my brain is a colander but unfortunately for her, our agreement was retained through the night.

Tonia, Lake. Lake, Tonia. Lake, prepare to be dominated by Tonia!

We walked the first mile at a nice clip. (“I’m a New Yorker, what do you want from me?!” I can hear her saying as I write…) I knew we were approaching a gentle downhill and I told her that we were about to do our first little jog. We did the first part of a Jeff Galloway acceleration glider. We walked 15 steps at a quick pace and then ran 15 steps (skipping the gliding part at the end). That was it! Tonia ran! We walked a ways and then picked up the pace for another run, this one about 30 seconds. Tonia has beautiful alignment and looked completely comfortable. For the remaining couple miles, we did another 4 running segments including one on a HILL! We played a bit with pacing and talked about how important it is both physically and psychologically to find a pace that feels comfortable and allows for ease of breath. Even this will be challenging and I strongly believe that success leads to more success. Pushing yourself to the point of almost immediate failure is demoralizing and pointless. I was so beyond impressed with her desire to push her speed and push the distance, even when her quads and lungs were insistently reminding her that she was doing something they didn’t understand.


True to form, we celebrated with sweet potato fries!

YamYamYam is the new NomNomNom.

It was SOOOOOOOO much fun to be with someone running for the first time. The teacher in me absolutely loves being witness to someone’s growth and success. What an honor!

After lunch, I headed over to the Berkeley TDM studio for class with (shhh…my favorite…shhhh) Susannah. I love her because she makes you do really hard things and laughs at you while you’re doing it. She is awesome. She broke my butt.

TDM – Berkeley. Two doors down from Lululemon and around the corner from the best ice cream on earth. Could you have chosen a more treacherous location, Dailey People??

When I returned to TDM a few months ago, I discovered that a singing colleague/acquaintance Kathryn is also a devotee. She is trade staff in Berkeley and helped me make the absolutely excellent decision to become trade staff in Piedmont. We became closer through Facebook, commiserating on particularly painful classes and positions. Recently, we began meeting up to take class together. It’s so nice to have a buddy next to you at the barre to groan at. She’s also very strong and very limber. Whether she knows it or not, she pushes me to go an inch lower and curl up a little higher. Thanks, Kathryn!

I love working out with my friends!  Hugs all around!


2 thoughts on “Friends with Benefits

  1. Julie says:

    Oh, I want to yamyamyam those fries! Lovely sprinkling of the course sea salt going on there. *like* And what’s this ice cream place? I need to get to the Bay Area already! And way to go Tonia! Welcome to the dark side. Mwhahaha.

    • Tonia says:

      Thanks Julie! And yes, you do need to get out here. 🙂 (BTW we always add the salt as soon as the fries come to the table — gotta salt ’em while they’re hot!)

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