While many of you are off doing 4th of July fun runs, I engaged in my favorite Independence Day athletic tradition:

Watching the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest on ESPN.

You can’t eat all those hot dogs…

This is my 4th year watching the event and I continue to be both impressed and absolutely disgusted by this display of athleticism.

The Black Widow. Get it, girl.

The reigning champion, Joey Chestnut had a slower start but halfway through the 10 minute event, he pulled in front of the pack.  He maintained a 10 dog lead through the finish.  He met but didn’t beat his own world record of 68 dogs.

He’s from San Jose. Bay Area REPRESENT.

At one point, I asked my viewing companion “why would the others keep going when they’re so far behind?”

“To PR.”

Fair enough.

Happy 4th!


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