There’s No Place Like Home

A truer cliché was never spoken.

I’ve been settling back into my professional, workout, and life routines with new energy and inspiration.  Since I’ve been home, I’ve sent about 100 emails, submitted a sample article to an online music publication, drafted a CV, and generally hustled my ass off.

Things on the workout front have been fantastic too.  Sunday’s long run was quite an accomplishment.  Objectively, it’s a little hard to believe that less than a month ago, I was unsure I could finish three miles at the See Jane Run 5k.  And then I have training runs like this:

Are. You. SERIOUS?

So, I was not super jazzed about today’s run.  I headed out to the lake with the intention of starting conservatively, running around 10:30 and just being comfortable.  I started out around 10:30, feeling really comfy.  Boppin’ along, listening to GAGA…

The miles seemed to fly by.  I looked down at my pace and heading into the third mile, I was around 10:15 and still feeling great.  With a half-mile left, I semi-calculated (who can do math mid-run?!) that if I trucked it, I could run the lake in under 30 minutes.  Holy Shitsnacks.  So, I pushed.  All I could think was “how badly do you want this?  Do you want this enough to keep pushing?”  Flying through 2.96…2.96….2.97, I couldn’t stop grinning.  As you can see from my strategically highlighted minute, I was at a pretty nice clip at the end.  The splits were the coolest of all.


So, that was unexpected and awesome!

In other news, I went back to Dailey Method yesterday and it felt like coming home.  I still absolutely love it.  Like running, my practice has developed in such an amazing way.  I plan to write in more detail about it in the next few days so stay tuned.

Turkey burger time!


3 thoughts on “There’s No Place Like Home

  1. I hadn’t heard of Dailey Method before reading your blog; I wish I could attend a class to see if I love it as much as you do now. I remember reading one of your earlier posts about how you felt better about going once you’d lost some weight…I am definitely overweight these days; would you recommend it for not-slender people? What are the greatest benefits for you? I really look forward to reading more about it tomorrow!
    In regards to this post, again I can only offer WOW! 😀 So often when there’s an interruption in routine, getting back into it can be difficult. But you didn’t just get right back to your routine, you super-sized it! Just remember that we still love you if you have a down day. 🙂
    And, you used the word shitsnacks. That was awesome. Do you follow The Bloggess? If you don’t you totally should, she’s hilarious and neurotic and quirky and awesome! Finally, what does it mean to “draft a CV”?

  2. Shauna says:

    I know I’m behind on my detailed TDM post! I have seen all body types and ages in TDM classes. Since it uses your own body weight, it’s more challenging the more weight there is to lift in the various exercises and poses. It’s an amazing workout thought.

    I LOOOOOOVE the Bloggess. I keep meaning to download her book!

    A CV is a Curriculum Vitae which is the international version of a resumé. CV’s are used in academia. Mine will basically be a teaching resumé in a specific format.

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