Greetings from Ft. Collins, CO aka. My Least Favorite Place To Run In America!

I’m here attending the NATS (National Association of Teachers of Singing) Intern Program. 12 voice teachers, 10 days, lots of formant talk. It’s a party.

Putting training on pause is clearly not an option while I’m here so as soon as I arrived on Tuesday, I found the hotel gym and attempted 3 miles.

So, I had been traveling for 9 hours, arriving at 5500 feet in the middle of one of the worse wildfires in the state’s history. Like, *gas masks for pregnant people* bad. Run? Obviously!

The first thing I noticed was how frequently and shallowly I was breathing. It was a really odd sensation. My breath didn’t feel labored the way it does when I run too fast, but I was inhaling twice as often. Still, my legs felt alright and I got through the first mile until tummy troubles emerged. While I didn’t like the idea of stopping, clearly there were extenuating circumstances and my tummy sort of would not be ignored. I found a nearby bathroom, used said bathroom and resumed running, determined to do two miles consecutively. I pushed through, even speeding up at the end. Yay. This will be okay!

This morning’s run did not go so well. Here are some possible reasons why:
* I didn’t eat anything and I always do.
* I didn’t stretch and I always do.
* It was hot and humid as a ballsack in the mini hotel gym.
* I tried to listen to This American Life instead of Lady Gaga.
* I’m a loser quitterface who will never get through 13.1 miles.

Okay, that last one isn’t true but that’s what I thought when I stopped after 1.25 miles and stopped again after another half mile. My breathing felt similar to the other day and my body was okay, minus a bit of unusual foot discomfort, but I just couldn’t shut my mind off. It relentlessly told me to stop and once I could justify quitting because of my foot, I did. Came back to my room, iced it and it was fine.

I’m bummed but shit, not every run is going to be a winner. Especially on the road. I’m going back to try again this afternoon and that’s what counts.


2 thoughts on “Hard

  1. Good for you not giving up entirely! Yes, not every run can be a winner, and the most important thing is that you recognize what happened and you’re giving it another go later. Good luck on that run, you runner! 🙂

  2. Ugh….I HATE when the bathroom thing pops up during a run. One time I was like 3 miles from home when it hit me. I seriously almost had to look for a bush along a busy stretch of road. Thankfully my stubborn mind conquered that matter. Phew!

    Make sure you’re drinking extra water. The altitude messes with your hydration too. Also, if you don’t feel like you can run, but can still exercise, you could try walking at a super steep incline. It still ups your heart rate and works you booty. 🙂

    Just wait till you run when you get back home! Your body will be like “psh! I can SO handle this!”

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