Today, I officially earned DOMINION over Lake Merritt.

You’re my b*tch now. So that’s fun for you!

Chatting with my buddies after Sunday’s race, I “lamented” the fact that I really *had* to run the lake without stopping now.  I had completed a 5k without walking so it was undeniably within my physical and mental capabilities.

And so I did!  Beating my race time by 23 seconds!

Cute how I always highlight the fastest minute, right? But at least it was AT THE END!

I’m thinking it was my SUPER CUTE TARGET RUNNING SKIRT that did the trick.

Can anyone f*cking believe I wore this shorty short skirt and felt totally sexy and strong? I even went to Target and the grocery store after! BOOYAH.

Because I’m insane, I also went to Dailey Method and pushed myself so hard during thigh work that I almost cried.  No joke.

Then I went home, took a bath, and iced my knee which had alerted me to its presence after the run.  It didn’t hurt but the awareness was enough to warrant some icy love.  I’m being particularly attentive for a specific reason that I will reveal tomorrow (though if you check out the categories of this post, you might figure it out!



3 thoughts on “Dominion

  1. Holy crap, there’s just no stopping you now! I hope this isn’t too forward, but it seems like your recent move has been a big boon to your life. And you DO look sexy and strong in that running skirt (I didn’t even know that existed!), so I’m glad you’re starting to see yourself more and more positively.
    Good luck tomorrow in your _____ training; hope your knee is up to it!

    • Shauna says:

      Thanks Rebecca! It definitely feels great to have something positive to focus on.

      The running skirt thing is crazy because I, until this year, have *never* worn shorts or short skirts. Too much jiggle and cellulite. Thanks to running and DAILEY METHOD, my legs look completely different!

      Stay tuned for the big announcement. 😀

  2. Dayyyamn girl! You’re running fast these days! Remember when you were just starting? Couch to the world!

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