Learning Curve

It took me two sub-successful runs to realize that I had two options:

A. Keep trying to maintain that 9:00-9:45mm pace and burn out before end.


B.  SLOW THE *F* DOWN and complete the workout as planned.

I will admit, the last two workouts have been a bit demoralizing.  I had been progressing nicely and really enjoying it.  Like many, I’m highly motivated by success and pretty quickly demotivated by anything I perceive as failure.

As my Couch-to-5k runs have gotten more difficult, I’ve looked forward to them a lot less.   Yesterday morning, as I dressed to head out, I felt nervous.  Good thing my shoes glow in the dark.  That’s gotta help, right?

The source of my power.

Part of my struggle in the last week has been finding the right pace and mental state on the treadmill.  The weather was lovely and clear so I headed out to my favorite run spot, Lake Merritt.

So much duck poop. So much.

I knew it was very possible that I would need to walk at some point during my planned 2.5 miles but I still looked forward to getting outside and seeing if it went more successfully than my last two runs.




The average pace includes my 5 minute walking warm-up so I’m guessing my average running pace was somewhere between 10:15-10:30.  Thanks to Kelly Clarkson, I finished strong.  Stronger, in fact.  (Ha ha ha.  That’s a song.  I punned.)  And I’m not ashamed to admit that as I was finishing the last half mile, feeling great and successful, there might have been a couple happy tears.


Turns out, I was not at ALL disappointed that my sustained pace is slower than my interval pace from a couple weeks ago.  I was just thrilled to finish.

I will own you. In, like, 2 weeks.


2 thoughts on “Learning Curve

  1. I’m jealous of your gorgeous run spot! Way to get a handle on it. 🙂

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