Many people abandon the Couch-to-5k in weeks 6 and 7.  I completely understand why.

It gets hard!

The hardest part of the last week has been accepting the reality of what my body is capable of doing.  As inspired as I may be by marathon recaps, speedy paces and my own growing strength, I still have limits.  While the progression of the Couch-to-5k keeps me in check distance-wise, I’ve realized that I also have to check my pace expectations.  And maybe my growth expectations.

Today’s workout was a 5 minute warmup walk and then 2.5 miles without walking.  My last, similar, workout was not successful, in that I did not complete the stated distance without walking.  I made it about a mile, had to walk for a moment to lower my heart rate and resumed running.

This morning, I made the decision that I would run at a considerably slower pace (5.5 or 11mm) in an attempt to complete my stated distance.  While treadmill running used to be my only option, I find it pretty difficult now.  I can’t fluidly adjust my pace to recover or push myself when I feel inspired.  It’s a great challenge to maintain a steady pace but it certainly has become a challenge.  My run today reflected that it was a good choice and I am still struggling to keep my heart rate down over longer distances.  Since I’ve fallen in love with Draw Something, I shall use my, well….phenomenal artistic abilities to bring the run to life.

Mile 1 - Happy! Comfy!

Easy breathing.  Strong legs.  Whenever I would start to feel a bit uncomfy, I would check in with various parts of my body.  When I verified that they all felt strong, I reminded myself that I can do this!

Mile 2.25. HATING LIFE.

Around the end of my second mile of running, I was really dying.  Like last time, I used every strategy I could think of to get my heart rate down without stopping but my mind won out.  Again, I checked my heart rate and it was through the roof.  I took 0.15 miles to recover and resumed, determined to finish the workout as close to intended as possible.

Miles 2.25-2.75. Baby, I'm a firework.

It was not ideal but yet another reminder that this is a process.  The more I can do to set myself up for success, the sooner I will reach my goals.



2 thoughts on “Reality

  1. Hang in there! I also struggled with the last couple of weeks of the C25K. It is not easy for beginners. We all progress at different rates but the key is to keep on trying and you will eventually reach your goals.

  2. That is me every treadmill workout, it feels like. That’s why I can’t hang.

    And you must have an ipad. That or skeleton fingers. I could never draw that on my iphone. lol. What app do you use to screen capture?

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