Today, I had a bummer of a run.

I realize that my previous C25K post said W6/D3 but it was actually Day 2.   Today, I attempted Week 6/Day 3 – 2.25 consecutive miles.

With the Oakland Marathon underway, I opted to avoid the affected neighborhoods and did this workout on the treadmill.  Learning from the mistakes I made in my previous workout, I started at my “conservative” pace: 6.0.

I felt a bit tired at the start but figured it would just take a few minutes for my legs to loosen up.  I settled into my music, observed my breathing, and attempted to check out mentally.  This was successful for about 3/4 of a mile.

Towards the end of the first mile, the bargaining began.  My mind was begging my other mind to stop.  The part of me that wanted to keep going tried every mental trick in the book but right at the first mile mark, I stopped.  I was so disappointed as I have not stopped to walk during any of my C25K workouts (with the exception of two seconds on a steep hill.)

As I regained my breath, part of me was tempted to just stop completely and try again tomorrow.  NOPE.  That would turn a struggle into a failure and I thankfully decided that wasn’t an option.  I gave myself about a quarter mile to calm down and resumed running at 5.8.  I felt alright and pushed through the next mile.  When I finished, I checked my heart rate and it was 185.  That is very high for me – no wonder I was so miserable!

I was quite disappointed but it only took me a few minutes to recognize that I couldn’t have even come close to doing this a few weeks ago.  I am a new runner.  I am learning to do something new and hard and not every time is going to be easy or even successful in the way that I intend.

Everyone has the inevitable bummer workout.  How do you handle yours?


2 thoughts on “Inevitable

  1. […] workout was a 5 minute warmup walk and then 2.5 miles without walking.  My last, similar, workout was not successful, in that I did not complete the stated distance without walking.  I made it […]

  2. I have bummer workouts all the time now. Unfortunately, the downside of getting into shape is that it’s harder to get your heart rate in the calorie-burning zone you want it to be. I have to balance my target calorie burn total with not having endless time to work out. But yeah, totally the kind of problem that deserves NO sympathy. :p Just think, can’t have great runs without so-so runs, right? No such thing as a bad run. Only the no-run.

    And dude, 185?! Take your age and subtract it from 220 – 191 for you. That’s supposedly in lamens math, your 100% heart rate. Like if you reach that you die or something. You’re supposed to aim for like 70-80%. 90% is super hard core. You were at like 96%! How did you not just keel over? Take it easy there, tyke. 😉

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